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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Kelly Ryan, Craig Titus, and Women's Physique International

It was reported here and in other forums and websites, that Kelly Ryan and Craig Titus started Women's Physique International but a September 15, 2005 press release revealed that they were backing out of the venture and for reasons not known. The website is still in the ownership of their company, however.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Melissa James' mother tried to implicate Kelly Ryan in the murder case

This comes from a document posted at www.freecraigtitus.com

"Maura James said her daughter never mentioned being romantically involved with Titus, who married Ryan in Clark County in June 2000. Melissa James, who was a model and former dance instructor, had lived with the bodybuilders in Southern California several years ago.

Titus asked Melissa James to move to Las Vegas about two months ago, and she accepted, her mother said.

In the days before her death, James told her mother that she and Ryan were not getting along. She said she was staying at a hotel.

"I said, 'Why?' She said, 'Well, Kelly is flipping out and acting crazy,'" Maura James said.

Titus booked the hotel room for two nights, from Dec. 12 to Dec. 14, and paid for it with a credit card belonging to Emperor Enterprises, a company he and Ryan own, according to police.

"He said he had spent most of one night with James at her room," investigators said in the report, quoting Titus.

Titus also paid for James' plane ticket home, her mother said."

Women's Physique International - A New Women's Bodybuilding Organization

FBB Anita Ramsey reports on the new WPI. I for one will take a wait-and-see view, as I don't think the founders have a sound business plan for the company -- complete with high-powered corporate sponsors like Pepsi or Coca Cola -- and it's not ran by women.

The New Women's Physique International (WPI) was created and designed by athletes for the athletes. It is the main objective and goal of this new organization to become the leader in the women's bodybuilding and fitness industry by making necessary changes improving and enhancing amateur and professional Fitness, Figure, Female Bodybuilding, and Fitness Model Search competitions.

Ok, though I feel there is enough out there right now for figure, fitness anda model search s@#t, it seems that maybe they say that WPI will not allow any management firms and or sponsors being associated in any way with the judging process on panel.

WPI welcomes any and all athletes with the desire and passion to take their competitive careers to the next level. Professional status may be obtained within WPI by placing top two in each class of a professional qualifying show, for all three divisions. Any female that has already earned their Pro card in any current competitive organizations (IFBB For Example) or similar federations will be automatically granted their Professional status in WPI.

It seems they have already got there first show ready (WPI Presents the Musclemag International and Bodybuilding.com's Women's Physique International's Extravaganza) to be held in Las Vegas October of 2006.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Female Bodybuilder Brenda Smith a candidate to be the "face" of Jones Soda - vote for her!

Jones Soda's hosting an online contest for the best photo to go on their soda product. Famous photog Gene X Hwang submitted a picture of female bodybuilder Brenda Smith, and it's gotten rave reviews. Her current rating is 8.34 out of a possible 10.

You can see her contest page and cast a vote yourself, with a click on this sentence.

To learn more about Brenda, visit her website at www.brenda-smith.com

Visit the new Zennie62.com

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