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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Monday, May 29, 2006

Gina Alottia Does Cable Curls - Shows The Proper Form

In this video, female fitmodel Gina Alottia shows the proper form for cable curls.

Friday, May 26, 2006

New Userplane Webchat Social Networking System Installed; Just Look Below This Post, and Sign Up!

This blog has a new place where you can chat with others and even look at a webcam, or use your own. You can meet others into fitness here. We ask that you keep it clean. Thanks!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Amanda Dunbar, 2005 USA Night Show Routine

This is IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Amanda Dunbar in a video that shows her night routine at the USA - Las Vegas contest.

Monday, May 22, 2006

NPC's "Anti - Internet" Rule Hurts Sponsorship Value

The National Physique Committee (NPC) is a private organization that hosts national bodybuilding events.

A little known rule established by the NPC reads:

"As you are aware, the NPC has had a standing press pass policy for all national events that only authorized members of formal press organizations are eligible for complimentary press credentials. For example, FLEX Magazine presents the NPC, prior to each national event, a list of their assigned photographers and writers committed to cover the particular event. Coverage of the event under those auspices is granted to the NPC.

We do not allow freelance photographers and writers, regardless of their notoriety, press entrance to our events where they shoot photographs or write copy and then submit them to various publications on a prospective sale basis. In other words, maybe they get published and maybe they don't.

In accordance with that philosophy and understanding the growth of the Internet as an information vehicle, the NPC is adopting the same policy modified for the Internet. Beginning immediately at all NPC events, the NPC will recognize only photographers or writers whose credentials are verified by website’s that are extensions of the normal bodybuilding and fitness print publications -- websites that represent FLEX, MUSCLE & FITNESS, IRONMAN, etc. The NPC will no longer recognize websites or individual photographers or writers or interested bodybuilding fans who maintain and promote website's, no matter the level of traffic."

In other words, the NPC is willing to reduce sponsorship value just to protect a set of offline magazines who's readership levels are decreasing because of the Internet. This is even hurting news magazines, like Time and Newsweek, as the link -- and the article reprinted below in case the link dies, will show:

Readers: Newsweeklies'
coming woe

See shakeout with the weakest disappearing

By Gene Ely
Oct 31, 2005 -- Medialife Magazine

Media people have debated for decades the relevance and fate of the newsweeklies, even as they hung on as other mass-market titles stumbled and died. Somehow Time, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report kept vital against the explosion of competing media.

The question is, how much longer can they remain vital? The answer is, not much.

That's the outcome of a recent Media Life poll of media planners and buyers.

The newsweeklies have been hurt most by the internet, and readers predict that one of the three big U.S. titles will disappear. That would appear to be U.S. News, the longstanding No. 3 title owned by real estate mogul Mort Zuckerman.

U.S. News is the smallest of the three in circulation, the weakest in ad pages, and has the least going for it in terms of strength of brand and quality of editorial, according to the Media Life poll. Recently the magazine has undergone yet another round of budget cuts, leading to more layoffs, as part of a strategy to shift its editorial emphasis online.

Over recent years, certainly since the ad recession that set in in late 2000, the newsweeklies have been confronted by a fundamental change in how ad pages are bought. There was once a time when many advertisers were inclined to buy all three titles. Fewer now do. Rather, they buy one or perhaps two, often pitting all three against one another to get the best deal.

At the same time, and not helping matters any, the internet has had a huge effect on the relevance of the newsweeklies as editorial propositions. That's one of the most profound findings of the Media Life survey.

Readers were asked: "In terms of readership, what is the greatest source of competition for newsweeklies?"

A full 71.4 percent agreed with the statement: "The internet. On-demand news trumps week-old old news any day." After that, a distant No. 2, 17.8 percent credited television, specifically the 24-hour cable news networks.

Just how much has the internet hurt the newsweeklies? Readers were somewhat divided. The largest share, 49.5 percent, agreed with the statement: "A lot. The magazines seem dated the moment they come off the presses, and any scoops they may have are usually leaked early. In fact, the magazines’ own web sites have become their own worst enemy, posting stories before the print version is released."

But almost as many, 40.8 percent, believe that while there's been damage, it has not made the newsweeklies obsolete. They agreed with the statement: "Some but not as much as you’d think. Though you can’t beat the internet for breaking news, the quality of the analysis and features in the newsweeklies keep people reading."

And of course that raises the question of how effective the newsweeklies still are as advertising vehicles. The answer, not surprisingly, is less effective.

Readers were asked: "How valuable are newsweeklies as advertising vehicles now compared with five years ago?"

A fifth agreed that they were still very valuable for reaching a mass audience.

But a far larger share, 62 percent, said that they were less so, agreeing with the statement: "Somewhat valuable. Circulation isn't what it used to be, but they’re still a smart buy when you need mass reach, and you need to do it on short notice."

Almost 18 percent agreed they offered no value to advertisers.

There was far more agreement that a shakeout among the big three titles was coming. Readers were asked: "Is there enough room in the category for three major U.S. newsweeklies?"

More than 70 percent think not, agreeing with this statement: "No. I think there’s a shakeout coming. We’ve already seen some retreat from U.S. News, and I can’t see all three surviving in this advertising environment."

The remainder believe advertising will return and that all three titles will survive after making adjustments to their editorial content.

Of the three magazines, Newsweek comes out as the magazine with the best editorial, just slightly ahead of Time, at 37.9 percent versus 36.8 percent. U.S. News was picked by 25.3 percent of respondents.

When it came to strongest brand, however, the race wasn't even close. Time came out way ahead at 81.3 percent. Newsweek got just 12.1 percent of the votes, while U.S. News earned just 6.6 percent.

And which is the weakest title as a brand, to flip the question around? Answers: U.S. News, 80.6 percent; Newsweek, 15 percent; Time, 8 percent.

Media Life was curious, considering these results, how many media planners and buyers actually read the newsweeklies. The answer is a goodly share. And again, as with quality of editorial, Newsweek edges out Time, here with 51.6 percent versus 49.5 percent. Less than a quarter of respondents say they read U.S. News, at 24.5 percent. (Respondents could choose more than one answer.)

Media Life last asked readers to speculate on whether Zuckerman would sell U.S. News, in light of the recent cutbacks. Readers are divided.

Some 14.5 percent think he will, and soon, the cutbacks being a sure indicator that he is ramping up to sell. But nearly twice as many believe Zuckerman will stick it out. The far largest share, 57 percent, declined to speculate. Over the years, Zuckerman has said consistently that he intends to keep the newsmagazine, and that's in part because it gives him a podium for his ideas and access to politicians and TV news and chat shows.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Alisa Rips A Phonebook With Her Bare Hands - Video

I think this goes under the "in case you've never seen a woman do this" category. Alisa's a woman in Dallas, Texas -- last name unknown as of this writing -- who's been using the Internet to demonstrate feats of strength. In this case, she's tearing a phone book apart. In other videos, she's crushed a pear and and queezed an orange with one hand.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Contra Costa Championships Winners List

Here's the list of winners from last weekend's Contra Costa Championships in Hayward. (Which makes no sense to to me because Contra Costa is a county next to Hayward, which in turn is in Alameda, County. Oh well.)

1) Claire Rohrbacker-O'Connell
2) Tammy Jin
3) Cathy Sabetto
4) Amanda Kelly

1) Joella Bernard
2) Danielle Guevara
3) Connie Holt
4) Deanza Murphy

1) Giulia Devana
Guilia Colbacchini - Giulia Devena -- won the heavyweight class in the NPC Contra Costa Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships, May 13th in Hayward, CA. Her website is at http://www.giuliadivina.com

Here's Guilia!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Jody May's Been Busy - Blog Report

Texas Champion Bodybuilder -- and the best candidate to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie -- Jody May has come out of hiding to give her fans an update:

"Hi all!!! Man it has been a while, but in my defence, my blog has not been working and Andy got it all fixed for me. What have I been up to??!! WOW that is too much for me to write, I am slow ya know !lol.

This weekend I am going to Shreveport to guest pose with Sheliah Brown and her group Syncronicity. She did this kick ass routine!! Check out the website www.UltimateBodybuilding.net for more info. It is really going to be great!! Superman has done an awesome job marketing this first year show. All the radio stations, live TV and a huge fitness day for kids. Really looking forward to it.

Then June 3rd I will be in Plano at the Lone Star. I have 2 friends competing and I will also be unveilling a surprise that weekend!!!! Very cool so keep ya eyes peeled.

I also started my prep for USA's July 29th in Vegas. I will be adding photos more often of that progress in addition to regular updates. I started dieting at 13.7% bodfat and 191 pounds!! And that was actually down from 201. I skerred myself!

lol I have already upped my cardio because I am afraid I won't be ready. But I will, I am sooo pumped for this show, and then I am staying in Vegas with my husband and lots of friends for a mini vacation. I have not had one in forever!!"

...(The surprise is that she got a breast enlargement!)

Visit her site at www.jody-may.com

Tazzie Columb's -- IFBB Professional Bodybuilder -- Shows Her Power Lifting 130 LBS With One Arm, Several Times

If anyone needs a demonstration that female bodybuilders work as hard as the men -- and for less sponsorship money -- here's proof. IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Tazzie Columb is in this video lifting 130 pounds several times in one arm as part of her routine. This level of power places her in a category that rivals -- if not surpasses -- some NFL players.

Here's the video:

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Introducting Guilia Colbacchini...With a New Website!

Guilia Colbacchini is a bodybuilder and personal trainer at Gold's Gym in Oakland, CA. She will be competing in the NPC Contra Costa Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships, May 13th in Hayward, CA. Her website is at http://www.giuliadivina.com

Here's Guilia!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Vote For Collette Nelson's Sister's Baby Brynn!

Collette Nelson's sister's baby Brynn in a contest at American Baby. Give this cutey-pie a vote with a click on the title of this post!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Brenda Smith's Got A New Website!

Bodybuilder and now TV star Brenda Smith has a new website up. Just click on www.brenda-smith.com

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dr. Malea Jensen On Her Bodybuilding and Medical Careers

This is a great article on my friend Malea Jensen; and sent to me by Malea. Her website's at www.maleajensen.com

by Karris Golden - for Wartburgh Magazine:

Dr. Malea Jensen is the total package:

She's exceptionally bright.
She's remarkably attractive.
She's a doctor.
She's a bodybuilder.

"I have been competing in bodybuilding since 1996,"Jensen explains. "I placed second in my first show, the 1996 Natural Iowa. I have competed once or twice a year since 1996."

A natural outgrowth of her competitive bodybuilding has been modeling. There is a high demand for photos of muscular women who have also maintained femininity. I fit into both molds. I actually love to get in front of the camera."

Jensen, an osteopath in practice at Urbandale Family Physicians, completed medical school at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines. Despite the difficulties of her academic workload, she has always balanced it with an intense physical regime.

"Bodybuilding was never a whim,"Jensen says. "I have always admired men and women with muscle. Initially, it was not my ambition to get up on stage and pose. This has been a way to extend my competitiveness. It is an ambition of mine to keep fit and look lean, with muscular detail.”

She credits her father for pushing her to "give 100 percent,"whether it was school, work or one of the many sports at which she excelled.

In high school, she was a four-sport athlete, taking all-conference in each sport. While attending Wartburg, Jensen played basketball and softball while maintaining a high grade point average and notching all-conference honors in softball.

Jensen started lifting weights in high school as a way to condition her body and improve her strength. "I was literally pushed into competing by a couple from Pennsylvania,"she recalls. "I really had no desire to get up on stage in front of a thousand people in my bikini. It is funny how our perspectives change as we gain self-esteem. Needless to say, (the couple) thought I had the body for the sport. But more importantly, they acknowledged the fact that I worked hard in the gym and was always intense with my training. Intensity and passion are the two hallmarks of a competitive bodybuilder."

These qualities are also present in good doctors. Jensen approaches her medical practice with the same determination. In particular, she is concerned with the way obesity has compromised public health.

"(Obesity) has reached epidemic proportions, and links to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases are well established,"she notes. "The effort to understand how to promote more active lifestyles has been of great importance to the health of this nation. Schools, workplaces and families need to weave physical activity into the fabric of their daily lives. The key to lifetime fitness is consistency!"

Saddened by current statistics regarding widespread American obesity, she looks to public leaders, such as Arnold Schwartzenegger, to push for change.

"There is an awareness of how we have inadvertently created an environment that promotes obesity by discouraging physical activity and encouraging overeating,"Jensen says. "As a doctor, I not only need to tell my patients to exercise more and eat less, I have to outline a program to do just that. Most people do not know what to do unless it is spelled out for them on paper. But even then, it is very difficult, from my clinical experience, to change my patients' lifestyles. It is going to take a nationwide education program."

Visit the new Zennie62.com

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