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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Heather Policky At The 2006 NPC Las Vegas Championships

Heather Policky, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

GeneX took this great photo of an obviously happy Heather.

After an eventful year which had her consider quiting the sport altogether, this is a great thing to happen for her.

A blessing Heather certainly deserves for all of her hard work and sacrafice!

Angela Salvagno - 2006 NPC Las Vegas Light Heavyweight Champ

Angie, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Angela Salvagno show the audience her awesomely developed legs in this equally awesome photo taken by Gene Hwang at the 2006 NPC Las Vegas Championship.

Salvagno was the light heavyweight champion of the contest.

2006 NPC Las Vegas: Heather Policky and Simona Douglas Overall Winners

2006 Las Vegas NPC Results List. For more information, visit Genex Magazine

Women's Bodybuilding

Overall: Heather Policky*

1) Claire Rohrbacker-O'Connell
2) Melinda Williamson
3) Tracey Witherspoon
4) Melissa Alvarado
5) Rochelle Palko

1) Tina Chandler
2) Jennifer Sedia
3) Tatianna Tinnelle
4) Ellen Woodley
5) Tammy Burdelski

Light Heavyweights
1) Angela Salvagno
2) Christine Sabo
3) Karen Tucker
4) Debbie Bramwell
5) Karen Choate

1) Heather Policky*
2) Michelle Neil
3) Sheila Bleck
4) Nekole Hamrick
5) Beverly DiRenzo

* eligible for IFBB pro card


Overall: Simona Douglas*

Figure A
1) Kristen Gomes*
2) Meriza Goncalves
3) Sarah Nakajima
4) Jennifer DeJoya
5) Melissa Froio
6) Kristie Newsome
7) Jennifer Gates
8) Desha Rodriquez
9) Sherlyn Roy
10) Jodi Miller
11) Michele Dennis
12) Sanovia "Nikki" Browner
13) Evian Delly
14) Angela Komis
15) Marina Lopez
NP. Heidi Bauer
NP. Karen Bock
NP. Fredericia Brant
NP. Kaley Carson
NP. Melissa Froio
NP. Alexandra Galvez
NP. Yolanda Glaeser
NP. Rebecca Greaig
NP. Carol Hanson
NP. Denise Hughes
NP. Heather King
NP. Jill Knight
NP. Monica Mark
NP. Desiree Masters
NP. Keri Moser
NP. Lynn Racoma
NP. Mona Liza Reyes
NP. Angela Robertson
NP. Katrina Robinson
NP. Lilia Sandozequi
NP. Trish Stevens
NP. Carla Stone
NP. Esther Taylor
NP. Misty Tidmore

Figure B
1) Felicia Romero*
2) Melody Clere
3) Stacy Adams
4) Karen Mullarkey
5) Gail Ehle
6. Marissa Ann Garza
7. Leanna Thomas
8. Natosha Green
9. Sandy Lueck
10. Halcyon Duarte
11. Allison Jones
12. Stacy Cannady
13. Katrina Robinson
14. Elissa Schlichter
15. Jill Smith
NP. Tamara Amend
NP. Melissa Baclig Ruiz
NP. Sandra Barckholtz
NP. Amber Black
NP. Karen Choat
NP. Edith Driver
NP. Patty Farrow
NP. Kathy Fehringer
NP. Sarah Hoy
NP. Laura Jones
NP. Jennifer Kline
NP. Jessica Norlander
NP. Ann Pratt
NP. Laura Richards
NP. Consi Shirlaw
NP. Terri Stevens
NP. Tiatiana Tinnelle
NP. Lily Williams
NP. Michelle Woodward

Figure C
1) Consi Shirlaw*
2) Lois Powell
3) Jana Stewart
4) Anna Laratta
5) Michelle Naylon
6. Ginger Redeker
7. Grace Rivera
8. Lynn Widdowson
9. Jennifer Cowan
10. Denise Jensen
11. Michelle Dragavon
12. Debra Dunn
13. Megan Thomas
14. Kathy Fehringer
15. Carmen Demske
NP. Angel Allison
NP. Dina Atha
NP. Stacy Boles-Jordanoff
NP. Sheron Falcon
NP. Ramona Graham
NP. Natosha Green
NP. Enji Khoo
NP. Amber Knight
NP. Dawn Melanie
NP. Lisa Norris
NP. Shakelle O'Neal
NP. Sarah Pawlicki
NP. Holly Robey
NP. Karen Smith
NP. Toya Smith
NP. Dana Ventetulo
NP. Glenna Viland-Weltzin

Figure D
1) Angela Turleski*
2) Tana Swink
3) Tracey Guarino
4) Inez Bess
6. Dawn Melanie
7. Michelle Welsh
8. Traci Redding
9. Kathleen Zamora
10. Kendra McAdams
11. Kristine Reinking
12. Shannon Roberts
13. Julie King
14. Julie Green
15. Nancy Garcia
NP. Brenda Anderson
NP. Suzanne Barlas
NP. Stacey Ann Barta
NP. Natalie Benson
NP. Michelle Bishop
NP. Moniqua Donya-Jackson
NP. Tanisha Harrison
NP. Maxine Johnson
NP. Jenny Lewis
NP. Jenny Lewis
NP. Venus Ramos
NP. Elizabeth Rocha
NP. Gaylene Vedder
NP. Natalie Verges

Figure E
1) Natalie Bedford*
2) Melissa Thalheimer
3) Stacey Clary
4) Paolo Almerico
5) Nola Trimble
6. Stacy Boles-Jordanoff
7. Tanisha Harrison
8. Jenny Lewis
9. Angela Watson
10. Shari Yates
11. Rebecca Ibbs
12. Jennifer Schumm
13. Kimberly Neumeyer
14. Norma Larson
15. Dena Anne Weiner
NP. Karen Anderson
NP. Alison Busher
NP. Noreene Castillo
NP. Tracy Clark
NP. Julie Green
NP. Jennifer Gutierrez
NP. Heather Jones
NP. Jennifer Myers
NP. Traci Redding
NP. Deanna Richardson
NP. Tana Swink
NP. Kathleen Zamora

Figure F
1) Simona Douglas*
2) Jessica Wright
3) Nancy Georges
4) Catherine Anderson
5) Avis Ware
6. Misty Green
7. Stephanie McDonald
8. Jamie Reed
9. Shawni DeSalvo
10. Stephanie Philosophos
11. Klubo Rachel Flingai
12. Delene King
13. La Drissa Bonivel
14. Brandie Gardner
15. Christine Aguilar
NP. Lisa Balash
NP. Dawnice Beckley
NP. Amanda Bollinger
NP. Michelle Chadwick
NP. Maria Corsaro
NP. Gretchen Crass
NP. Heather Foster
NP. Melissa Hessel
NP. Kerstin Khalfani
NP. Chris Krammer
NP. Niki Kutrumanes
NP. Norma Larson
NP. Martha Lepe
NP. Stephanie McDonald
NP. Christine Moore
NP. Lynda Musgrove
NP. Megan Payan
NP. Elise Penn
NP. Heather Porter
NP. Annita Reuben
NP. Ronda Richards
NP. Michelle Selfe
NP. Angela Stueber
NP. Marie Tamee
NP. Jen Thaler
NP. Susanne-Marie Williams
NP. Soumaya Wilmore

* eligible for IFBB pro card

Heather Policky Gets Her Pro Card In Las Vegas!!

Women's Bodybuilding

Overall: Heather Policky*

1) Claire Rohrbacker-O'Connell
2) Melinda Williamson
3) Tracey Witherspoon
4) Melissa Alvarado
5) Rochelle Palko

1) Tina Chandler
2) Jennifer Sedia
3) Tatianna Tinnelle
4) Ellen Woodley
5) Tammy Burdelski

Light Heavyweights
1) Angela Salvagno
2) Christine Sabo
3) Karen Tucker
4) Debbie Bramwell
5) Karen Choate

1) Heather Policky*
2) Michelle Neil
3) Sheila Bleck
4) Nekole Hamrick
5) Beverly DiRenzo

* eligible for IFBB pro card

Monday, July 24, 2006

Cindy Phillips Gets Ready For The 2006 Canadian Nationals

The 2006 CBBF Canadian Bodybuilding Championships is set for September 15-16, 2006 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and female bodybuilding internet queen Cindy Phillips has been training with a laser focus toward the event.

This picture, from her popular blog, shows how ready the 5-1 blone bombshell is. Cindy Phillips tells her fans that she's working to add more mass to her legs. She's also reports "Physically, mentally, emotinally and financially- it occupies every bit each of those things.The money, the sacrifice and the dedication is becomung too much."

This is a common problem in the Women's Bodybuilding community and the cost of training and competing, the hours, and the lack of sponsorship money from mainstream sources add up to clear frustration for even the most determined athletes. Cindy's fans give her all the support they can, but -- how many times have we who care have said it? -- it's time for a Women's Federation, well-financed enough to produce it's own shows and collect sponsorship assistance revenue.

It's doable. Something should be done before the Cindy Phillips of the world become just a memory. If you want to help Cindy pay for her training budget, you can join her site with a click here.

Here's a clip of Cindy Phillips training hard:

Kim Buck Gets Her Pro Card! - Kim Buck From Da ATL!

Atlanta-based Kim Buck won the over competition at the 2006 NPC Teen, Collegiate and Master Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships. Here's the list of winners below. For more detail, visit Gene Hwang's and James Cook's magazine and message board with a click on the title of this post.

Overall: Kim Buck*

1) Kristen Mundo
2) Donna Karr
3) Angela Sales
4) Patricia Riley
5) Kim Marie Pauline
6) Amy Kubala

1) Lisa Aranda
2) Brenda Smith
3) Ellen Woodley
4) Ann Caliri
5) Joani Ventreli

Light Heavyweights:
1) Debbie Bramwell
2) Michelle Brent
3) Anita Nikolich
4) Cindy Johnson
5) Holly Nicholson

1) Kim Buck*
2) Emily Holder
3) Pam Franklin
4) Marcia Ferguson
5) Lena Sanchez



10-12 years:
1) Lee Ann Thompson
2) Alexandra Larvie
3) Alex Stein
4) Daryl Stein

1) Victoria Larvie
2) Victoria Biddinger

* eligible for IFBB pro card

Overall: Stephanie Togrul*

Class A (5'2" and under)
1) Tivisay Bricero
2) Audrey Burk
3) Michelle Dennis
4) Toni Hatcher
5) Kristen Mundo

Class B
1) Stephanie Togrul
2) Michele Naylon
3) Brenda Smith
4) Denise Jensen
5) Nina Cash

Class C
1) Tracy Guarino
2) Natalie Calland
3) Stacy Boles-Jordanoff
4) Jan Horn
5) Jill Lindsey

Class D
1) Catherine Zidell
2) Michelle Troll
3) Susan Williams
4) Shelly Fields
5) Kim Glover


Collegiate Figure

Overall: Ali Huston

C Class:
1) Constance Kacheris

D Class:
1) Ali Huston
2) Natalie Blommel
3) Hillary Epler

* eligible for IFBB pro card

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ed Pariso Warns "No Pro FBB Contests In 2007"

Ed Pariso -- producer of The Europa Super Show with Betty Pariso (pictured) in Arlington, Texas -- sounded this warning on the GeneX message board.

Are the Women so sure their are going to be any Pro shows for the FBB to compete at.

Jana Tan..gone.
Charlotte Pro..gone,
New York...gone.
Atlantic Pro...who knows if it has staying power yet,

and the Europa show again is not having the turn out need by the FBB to keep it around. From a Promoters point of few that loves FBB, I am just tired of supporting a sport that the FBB do not enter.
Steve Weinberger (New Yourk Pro) said it best...the FBB do not care to compete, why should we put up any money that could go to the other classes that do show up !

The Women that are not cometiting, be prepared in 07 to look around and their is nothing left to qualify at.

To not support the only Female... (Betty) giving back, is a disgrace and I ask the questions, if it doesn't start with the FBB, then how can you ask others to support.

With over 75 registered Pro FBB, you get maybe, 13 in a show..you once had Promoters that were willing to put up cash, the story in 07 is yet to written, but if more money is on all the others events, and gone is the FBB divison, the Women must hold some of the blame.

Every single FBB that has decided not to step on stage this year...Get ready for a ghost year in 07.

You earn your way to the Arnold & the Olympia, and very few want to do that.

Some ask how can I stand next to Yax or Iris ? It took them over 10 years to get better, and over 25 shows each. They both got 15 place at some early shows. How does a Man step on stage next to Ronnie ? Compete, get better and earn your way like the girls that have come before you. This new attitude of some FBB just makes you lol.

This is the Pro ranks, you start all over, just like going from college to the NFL, the good pay their dues at the smaller shows and earn their way to step on stage with the best in the World. No money involved ? who told you their was...Being the best at something you have earned is not always about money. The sport is what it is, and still whatvever the pay, the Pro Women are still the best Women in the World...thats why you stand on stage in this sport.

Thanks to all the FBB Women that step on stage this year and support your own sport..to the others...look around in 07, you might be getting ready for nothing.

Ed Pariso
Europa Super Show

Friday, July 21, 2006

Amy Schmid - An Up And Coming FBB

Gene and James at FTVideo.com are really the first to discover this young new comer to the Women's Bodybuilding Scene -- their profile is linked to here.

In her own words, Amy explained how she got into the sport:

"People always ask me how I got into bodybuilding. Well, it's actually a good story. I grew up playing every sport I could. Then, after high school, I somehow got a rare neurological disease called Gullian-Barre Syndrome. Basically, a tiny germ got into my immune system causing it to attack the mylan sheath from around my nerves. By the time I was diagnosed, I was in a wheelchair and unable to stand and I didn't have feeling in my arms or legs. I was told it could be 6 months before I was walking again and may never make a full recovery. After spending a week in the hospital and a little over a month in rehabilitation, I was released as 'normal'. Because I was nowhere near my personal 'normal', I started working in a gym. That's where I learned about food, muscles, weight training and molding a body. One year and 4 months after I was diagnosed I competed in my first show.

Bodybuilding is my passion and my lifestyle. It's a challenge, a test of determination, discipline and scientific knowledge. It takes dedication and a ton of support from friends and family.

I really want to thank Scott and Eve Ann for their never ending generosity, support and wealth of knowledge. I want to thank my bodybuilder boyfriend, Jack Oehlers, who keeps me focused and is there for all of the good and bad days. Thanks also goes out to my mom and two sisters who deal with all of my wacky diets and still love me."

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gina Davis Sets Sights On Europa Supershow in Arlington Texas

In the forum Unrealmuscle, Gina Davis states that "This is the look I want to top this year" as she prepares for the Europa Super Show in Arlington, Texas. The fantastic look she's talking about is on the right and in this YouTube clip below.

So far, Gina's on her way toward doing just that. Just check out the picts at her blog. (Scroll down a bit.)

Stay tuned for more updates.

Here's Gina!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Video - IFBB Judge Jim Rockwell, Jonny Tuman, and Matt Crane Talk About Women's Bodybuilding

In this video produced by "Muscle Mayhem", IFBB / NPC judges Jim Rockwell, Jonny Tuman, and Matt Crane talk about where Women's Bodybuilding is headed. Among other comments, Jim Rockwell says that it's "ridiculous" for women to take time off to gain mass before a contest.

They also state that they want to see "new blood" which should send a message to anyone just entering the sport. Lastly, they want to see women who look more like women than men.

Note that, like the vast majority of judges in Women's Bodybuilding, all are male.

Here's the video...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Johanna Dejager Gaining In Popularity - Video Shows Why

Canadian female bodybuilder Johanna Dejager's gaining in popularity because of her interesting combination of blonde beauty and raw muscle power. A mix that has Kristy Hawkins as a perenial favorite as well. To be sure, it's not that they're blonde but more the total package and especially their amazingly peaked biceps. I can think of few other female bodybuilders who seem to generate so much excitement among fans.

Here's Johanna:

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Women Bodybuilders, Winstrol, and Side Effects - Just Don't Use It

This post should be considered a warning to any female bodybuilder who is using or is considering the use of a drug called Winstrol. The simple request I make -- heck, I beg you to pay attention to this -- is to not use it. The reason for this is simple: constant use could cause the tendons of the very muscles you are working to build to weaken and eventually fall apart. That's right, just plain collapse.

I can't explain how I know this only that it happened to someone I know and after several years of constant use of the drug. It turns out that many top female bodybuilders use this drug and its use continues unabated apparently.

That's dangerous.

What's particularly interesting is that this negative impact on tendon use isn't even listed as a major side effect when I looked up the possible adverse impacts of its use in general or for women...

I found...

"Acne or oily skin; enlarging clitoris; hoarseness or deepening of voice; irregular menstrual periods; unnatural hair growth; unusual hair loss."

This problem is just not listed there at all regardless of gender -- tendon damage happens to men and women. In fact, there's one online paper which implies that the impact of constant use of Wistrol is not clear.

Well, don't believe it. It's clear. This is your warning.

If you know of anyone who sells this who's not a doctor, they should not, but that's another story. Make sure they've told you each and every possible bad thing that could occur with repeated annual long term use of Winstrol.

interestingly I did find this sentence -- after a lot of deliberate digging -- offering a voice of reason in explaining why one should not use Winstrol:

"Winstrol increases collagen synthesis. It will give you bigger tendons. However, your body compensates for this by making them more brittle, weaker, and more prone to injury. I can't tell you how many bros work out anaerobically and become injured while on winstrol. Guys who lift in the 1-5 rep range while on winstrol, to baseball players who sprint all out from a stationary position -- winstrol should be the LAST drug they choose. Most of them like winstrol because they don't get the weight gain from it but it is very detrimental to bros who train for any sport anaerobically. Tendons tear easily on it. "

The sentence was on this bodybulding message board page set specifcally dedicated to the use of Winstrol -- and no, it wasn't in celebration.

Collete Nelson Proves That Men Really Do Like Buffed Women

In this video Collete Nelson proves that men really do like buffed women. She's talking to a couple of men on the street in New York City -- there's no sound in this video but it's obvious -- when one of them asks her to flex -- so she does.

Melissa Detwiller In August 2006 Musclemag International

Melissa Detwiller doing squat routine.

Melissa Detwiller reports:

"I'm in the August issue of Musclemag International, on page 264!!! It's the current issue on shelves now, with a black and white pic of Jay Cutler on the cover. Don't forget to pick up an issue and check out the article on me....it's called "East Coast Cutie"!!! ;o)"

Arnold Classic 2007: Of Four Bodybuilding Events, Three Are For Women!

The constant growth of Women's Bodybuilding is evident in the number of women's bodybuilding events to be held at the Arnold Classic in 2007. Of four bodybuilding events at California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's event, three are devoted to women: Women's Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure, and the event has a new amateur program.

Visit the new Zennie62.com

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