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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cindy Phillips With Two Weeks Before The Canadian Nationals

On her blog, Cindy Phillips writes:

I find myself sad thinkin about this prep ending. As much as i'd like to eat and get back to being a little more normal, i can't help but be saddened to know that soon this journey will be over. You work sooo hard for so long and then bam all the sudden its over....the lean muscle u took so long to scalp out gets covered back up with carbs and food and your daily life no longer revolves around getting to that date. I'm sure alot of girls kina feel like that. I sense of loss, for somthing that was so much a part of your life for so long.

HAHAHA, but really i cant friggin wait to eat me some CHHESCAKE FOR REAL!!! That keeps me happy :).

2006 Europa Pro Show - Judge List Mostly Male

"fbbhubby" reports on 2006 Europa Pro Show judges on the GeneX message board:

I asked Gary Udit for the judges names also. He gave me these names, but didn't know exactly who was on the panel and didn't think the head judge (whoever it was) knew either. Not much help. Couldn't get e-mail addresses for most and the ones I e-mailed for feedback didn't reply. At the competitors meeting, it was stated that the e-mail addresses are on the website, but that isn't true.

Jim Rockell
Matt Crane
Linda Wood-Hoyt
Steve Weinberger
Debbie Albert
Ernest Bea
Quincy Roberts
Lee Thompson

Note that only two -- Linda Wood-Hoyt and Debbie Albert -- are women.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What Separates Bodybuilders, Fitness and Figure Competitors?

Really though, is it the diet? The training? The individual? Or a combination of all three? That was the awesome question posted in the GeneX Forums last week.

If you're not already a member, the boards are a great place to learn anything and everything about the ever-growing sport of Women's Bodybuilding.

Some of the answers that peaked my interest are as follows:

"Annie" a trainer of both bodybuilders and figure competitors said:

It depends on the woman as to how they will respond to weight lifting and given that response where THEY personally want to take it. I looked like a bodybuilder the minute I started lifting years ago; I am a mesomorph. I train a woman, Rachael McMillan who is very similar in body type to myself and she responds just as well. She is a bodybuilder. I also train a woman who trains WITH Rachael and I and she trains just as hard as us. She does not build large amounts of muscle easily. She is a figure competitor.

The figure competitor (Sonya Garner) does the same exact workouts as Rachael and I but of course with lighter weights; however she is still lifting as heavy as she can personally lift. I adjust her workouts just weeks before contests, less sets...but that's just for a few weeks. She busts her ass with cardio...very high intensity...no low heartrates here. Rachael and I do the same. Sonya diets harder than us because she holds stubborn fat on the upper hamstrings.

In my opinion, it depends on the body type of the individual. Just because someone is 'smaller' does not mean that they do not train as hard to achieve their desired look. If some of the ladies do not train as hard because they will get 'too big' then maybe they should have chosen bodybuilding, who knows? If those 'figures' are easy for some women to attain and they do not have to train as hard, God bless them! I'll leave it at that.

"Babydoc" said her training has changed dramatically since she switched from figure to fitness:

For fitness, my workouts are specifically designed to help me with my routine; I need endurance and power to do quick, explosive movements as well as a very strong core to execute the strength moves/presses. In addition, I have on average 4-5 hours/week of gymnastics and routine practice per week.

With fitness, I also have to keep a very tight rein on my weight during the offseason--as I have to continue to tumble and work on new routine skills/elements. As you might imagine, it is very difficult to flip around and to hold your body weight up on your hands if you are carrying a lot of extra weight!

A competition diet for fitness requires more carbs and fats than a figure or bodybuilding diet since we need energy to perform a two minute routine. The weight loss must be very gradual in fitness since the routine practices get more intense as the weeks go by.

In fitness, our physiques are permitted to be a bit more muscular and harder than the figure girls. This is a result of the fitness routine training. It's darn near impossible to do a strong fitness routine and maintain the level of "softness" that the NPC/IFBB likes to see in figure.

Other folks said that the main differences for them, since switching, was diet. Most seemed to agree that other than a change in caloric-intake, they still lifted as much as they could year-round.

For more on the conversation visit the general discussion board of GeneX Magazine.

GeneX at work:

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sarah Dunlap At The Europa Pro Show

Sarah Dunlap, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Generally known for size and definition, Sarah Dunlap presented an entirely different look for the Europa Pro Show. Here's she's certainly the thinest that I've ever seen her. If you look at her and Collete Nelson, to name two, it seems that some of the women most known for size and defintion were deliberately aiming for a look much more in the area of "figure" than "bodybuilding" -- a sign of things to come??

Kim Perez At The Europa Pro Show

Kim Perez, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Here's totally ripped Kim Perez, who also was the focus of the controversy at the Europa Pro Show as some congradulated her on her overall muscularity and definition, yet she did not win, place, or show.

Heather Foster Wins 2006 Europa Pro Show

6D6E4736, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

In a night of controversy, Heather Foster -- middle -- won the Europa Pro Show in Arlington, Texas. To the right is Colette Nelson and to the left is Dena Westerfield.

Even though the judging may have been questionable, a good look at the winners does reveal a consistent muscular style. Even though I think only women should judge the contest, the men were not as uneven as some claim in my view.

Virgin Mobile Ringtone Commercial Shoot

For all of those who think women's bodybuilding can't draw corporate sponsors...

from left to right: Lena Squarciafico-Sanchez, Colette Nelson, Elena Seiple, "emcee" Scott, Heather Foster and Lisa Aukland on the set of the Virgin Mobile ringtone commercial shoot. Photo: Tom Dellinger

Colette Nelson Did Her Homework - Controversy At The 2006 Europa Pro Show; Time For Women Judges

Colette Nelson, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

It's all over the message boards from GeneX to Unrealmuscle. Observers are bashing the decisions of the judges at the Europa Pro Show.

The basic overall criticism is that the winning women, starting with Heather Foster, all lacked well-defined legs. As one poster put it:

"Originally Posted by Ally Taay

That said, if the lady bodybuilders had known that Heather Foster's thick midsection and smooth quads were going to take #1, perhaps none of them needed to diet at all. WHAT were the judges looking for? Collette has personality and beauty, but this is a BODYBUILDING contest - - not a beauty pageant.

All three of the winners lacked LEGS! I guess a top hat and cane or a slinky blue dress can overcome the lack of calves and quads (future competitors, take note!)"

And it goes from there.

The one voice no one's heard from is that of the judges themselves. As for me, I didn't attend the event, and totally object to the domination of the male in the judging ranks. Indeed, it may be time to have all women judges for female bodybuilding. More and more, we're seeing a group of men as judges that seem to be threatened by a really well-defined and muscular woman. It's almost as if there's a kind of culture war underway.

As for Colelte, I think she may have known what the judges were looking for, as her legs -- especially her thighs -- have been bigger in the past. Perhaps she did her homework, but still only got third place.

I'm going to congradulate Heather Foster on her victory. She's certainly and arguably balanced in her build, but Tazzie's a hard one to pass up in my view.

I think so.

2006 Europa Pro Show - Heather Foster Wins! - GeneX Coverage

Women's Pro Bodybuilding

1) Heather Foster*
2) Dena Westerfield*
3) Colette Nelson*

Pro Fitness
1) Tanji Johnson*
2) Mindi O'Brien*
3) Julie Palmer*

Women's Pro Bodybuilding

Overall: Stephanie Kessler*

1) Tracie "TNT" Tucker
2) Cynthia Anderson
3) Patty Sasserman
4) Genivive Esquivel Fifo
5) Karen Genninati
6) Dallas Johnson

1) Malea Jensen
2) Linda Billings
3) Cassandra Floyd
4) Ruth Hyatt
5) Janelle Briggs
6) Joy Henderson
7) Carrie Ann Simmons
8) Leslie Crook

1) Stephanie Kessler*
2) Theresa Hendricks
3) Jennifer Abrams
4) Oliva Garner
5) Leeanne Scalfo
6) Janelle Gallo
7) Paula Falk


Overall: Hollie Stewart*

Short Class:
1) Hollie Stewart*
2) Christy Green*
3) Nicole Duncan
4) Breean Robinson
5) Rose Hendricks
6) Tonya Burkhardt
7) Nita Marquez
8) Margaret Blanchard
9) Jessica Rohm
10) Jessica Nabinger
11) Sherlyn Roy
12) Monica Heiz
13) Michelle Theison

Medium Class:
1) Karen Patten*
2) Susan Groshek*
3) Amy Nelson
4) Angie English
5) Regan York
6) Sara Flom
7) Colleen Baldwin
8) Viko Newman
9) Safiya Johnson
10) Amy Johnston
11) Lori Smith

Tall Class:
1) Laticia Jackson*
2) Leslie Rae Newton*
3) Michelle Mayberry
4) Sandi Stuart
5) Liza Hughes
6) Sheri Vucick
7) Kristin Marie Acherson
8) Alissa Carpio
9) Lena Sanchez
10) Dawn Parker
8) Evette Wigfall

* eligible for IFBB pro card

Pro Figure
1) Amanda Savell*
2) Michellle Adams*
3) DJ Wallis*


Overall: Sonia Adcock*

Class A (5'2" and under)
1) Sonia Adcock*
2) Shelby Right*
3) Melissa Froio
4) Kristin Gomes
5) Jennifer DeJoya
6) Tivisay Briceno
7) Sherlyn Roy
8) Selena Zinno-Radzai
9) Jennifer Gates
10) Jessica Nabinger
11) Tiffany Procopio
12) Jodi Miller
13) Carmen Chavez
14) Jean Jitomir
15) Heather Whitworth-King
tied for 16th:
Toni L. Hatcher
Tonya Burkhardt
Kelli A. Correa
Angela Komis
Mary Acoury
Karen M. Bock
Fredericia J. Brant
Audrey Burk
Christine Camacho
Jill Knight
Cindy F. Martinez
Yves Nunez
Kathryn Payton
Julie Schoft
Lori Steele
Misty M. Tidmore
Vicki Counts
Jillian Wolf

Class B
1) Kristi Tauti*
2) Tessa Wood*
3) Andrea Ferry
4) Allison Jones
5) Melody Clere
6) Karen Mullarkey
7) Gale Elie
8) Denise Rose
9) Stacy Cannady
10) Stacy Adams
11) Katrina Robinson
12) Sarah Hoy
13) Halcyon Duarte
14) Elissa Schlichter
15) Viko Newman
tied for 16th:
Michelle Woodward
Eydie Anderson
Amber Black
Danielle Colgan
Edith Driver
Michele Pome

Class C
1) Corry Matthews*
2) Amber Steinmetz*
3) Michele Naylon
4) Becky Clawson
5) Angie Picarello
6) Ginger Redeker
7) Lynn Widdowson
8) Grace Rivera
9) Gina Ostarly
10) Amy Nelson
11) Jennifer Cowan
12) Heather Green
13) Jana Stewart
14) Teresa Ruybal
15) Christine Ritchie
tied for 16th:
Tanya Pennington
Debra Dunn
Sheron Falcon
Dr. Angel Allison
Heidi Hanson
Sarah Pawlicki
Toya Smith
Camille Westhoff

Class D
1) Nina DeTommaso*
2) Jelena Abbou*
3) Tracy Guarino
4) Christine Ranking
5) Kristy Stone
6) Yashanda Stafford
7) Danielle Kifer
8) Kiersten Weber
9) Dawn Parker
10) Abby Eyre
11) Natalie Verges
12) Michelle Bishop
13) Carol Ruiz
14) Kimmy Addiego
15) Amy Burkins
tied for 16th:
Karen Sherman
Heather Miller
Danielle Carrington

Class E
1) Elisha Archibald*
2) Stephanie Collins*
3) Stacey Boles
4) Paola Almerico
5) Nola Trimble
6) Stacy Clary
7) Catherine O'Guin
8) Jennifer Schumm
9) Shari Yates
10) Suzanne Barlas
11) Ginger Hutchinson
12) Vicky Ann Crouse
13) Dorothy Trojanowicz
14) Rebecca Ibbs
15) Kimberly Schaefer
tied for 16th:
Joan Totaro
Guiliana Casalan
Ginger D. Hutchinson
Aimee Palinkas
Dena Anne Weiner

Class F
1) Cheri Lewis*
2) Amy Fry*
3) Simona Douglas
4) Misty Green
5) Alicia Marie
6) Avis Ware
7) Melissa Montanaro
8) Christine Holland Morrow
9) Michelle Troll
10) Stephanie McDonald
11) Caity Hunt
12) Jessica Wright
13) Teresa Anthony
14) Traci Redding
15) Shawni DeSalvo
tied for 16th:
Danielle Rouleau
Jessica Steffens
Jamie Justin
Amy Bates
Felicia Bruno
Tatianna Butler
Tycie N. Coppett
Maria Corsaro
Heather Foster
Martha Lepe
Tamee Marie
Violet Mundy
Amy Odle
Francesca Okoye
Elise Prucha
Sonia Razo
Jamie Reed

* eligible for IFBB pro card

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Europa Pro Show Competitor List

Here's the competitor list for the Europa Pro Show For more information click this link to the GeneX Forum.

Women's Bodybuilding:

Abellan, Nathalie
Buck, Kim
Calo, Maria
Colomb, Tazzie
Davis, Gina
Debatin, Angela
Dunlap, Sarah
Foster, Heather
Gerard, Denise
Grozajova, Aurelia
Jerumbo, Mary Ellen
Johansson, Marika
Larson, Klaudia
Lehtonen, Maria-Leena
Linke-Sippl, Jana
Manios Maryse
Miller, Emery
Moher, Gayle
Nelson, Colette
Nixon, Vicki
Norman, Antoinette
Paparone, Jeannie
Parker, Robin
Perez, Kimberly
Westerfield, Dena

But one of the Europeans told me she has the flu and won't be coming :-(


Cassety, Jennifer
Elias, Kendra
Gainey, Bethany
Haddad, Amy
Huber, Amy
Johnson, Tanji
Jones, Donna Louise
Kimes, Lorie
Lohre, Julie
Monteleone- Semsch, Angela
Murray, Bridgette
Newell, Bridgette
O'Brien, Mindi
Palmer, Julie
Prado, Jane
Simons, Stacy
Szep, Katie
Walcott-Williams, Karen
Warren, Trish
Weaver-Ward, Sandie
Wickham, Sandra


Adams, Michelle
Becerra, Jennifer
Benson, Natalie
Brown, Natasha
Cabrices-Werner, Thais
Davidson, Erica
Galvan, Bernadette
Guenther, Jennette
Jimenez-Salazar, Ines
Larsson, Anna
Malacarne, Juliana
Manta, Arina
Mertl, Petra
Morris, Leslie
Morton, Lisa
Munroe, June
Nicewarner, Kirsten
Nordin, Pauline
Peters, Amy
Savell, Amanda
Shelby, Kate
Wallis, Julie (D.J.)
Tozzi, Mavis
Wan, Christine
Wilder, Latisha

Kate On Sports: September 5th 2006

Be sure to tune in!

"Kate On Sports" - Kate Troescher's New Video Blog Show!

Your host Kate Troescher and me, Zennie Abraham, have created a new video blog show called "Kate On Sports" at www.kateonsports.com The first show's September 5th 2006.

Here's the promo for the show, which was made using Blip.tv

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Brenda Smith's Colorful Website!

If you have a chance, visit Brenda Smith's cool website and tell me if you don't hear the Go-Go's singing in the background!

It's at http://www.brenda-smith.com

Mimi Jabalee On HardBody Radio

Amanda Dunbar reports that her partner Mimi Jabalee will be on HardBody Radio this week.

Tune in!

Cindy Phillips With Just 27 Days Before The Canadian Nationals

This pict is from Cindy Phillps blog and features her back development with 27 days to go before the Canandian Nationals. She has certainly dropped body fat as she's worked on her defitnition.

Always a hit with the Internet community, Cindy will be a hit on stage at the Canadian Nationals.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Rachel Sears - Female Triathete Joins SBS Blog Network!

SBS Personality Rachel Sears joins our blog network! Check out her crazy, irreverant look at athletics and life at "Hypercat Scratching Post"

Krisy Hawkins And Others In Off Season Shape

GeneX Forums has a great thread on the off season shape of female bodybuilders. Here's a great photo Gene took of Kristy Hawkins recently:

And let's not forget Kristy's arms:

Friday, August 18, 2006

Jane Awad Shows How To Do Leg Extentions - Video

IFBB Figure Pro Jane Awad is a fitness model from Canada who lives in New York State. In this video, she shows how to do leg extentions the right way, and makes for a good learning experience in the process.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cindy Phillips Six Weeks Out From Canadian Nationals

This is Cindy Phillips about six weeks away from the Canadian Nationals. She says she's at a size where she wants to try on and buy anything she likes at the mall, and just can't wait to eat cheesecake! Now she says her next objective is to get more separation in the legs.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Johanna DeJager Wins 2006 Toronto World World Qualifier!

Super Woman Bodybuilder, Johanna DeJager of Canada, competed in the 2006 World Qualifier and took home top prize as Lightweight & Overall Champion.

The video below is of Johanna bench-pressing 245 pounds for several reps (twice her body weight)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jody May's New Chest Will Give Her Star Status

That's right. You saw it here first. Jody May's new chest job's amazing and effectively balances out her body, with her large and shapely biceps and hard and muscularly sexy legs. With this new body, my prediction is that Jody will not only win the Nationals, but become the next big thing in Women's Bodybuilding.

Now, I've seen the new Jody, but there's no picture yet that's captured her.


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