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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Heather Policky Gets Ready For Las Vegas NPCs

Dieting, lifting, and generally forming herself into a form not unlike this picuture, the ever-popular Heather Policky's getting ready to compete in the upcoming Las Vegas NPC contest. Heather thinks she's still heavy, but I totally disagree. Still, she's working to drop more pounds and look even tighter than she already does.

Melissa Detwiller Improves Her Body - Strong Finish In NPC Jr Nationals Has Many Projecting Her As Most Improved FBB

Melissa Detwiller is certainly the most business-savvy female bodybuilder, even if her sex-based (not, as in showing sex-acts, just in presenting her freakly-awesome body in revealing clothes) marketing approach stirs the emotions of some of her more "closed and confused" competitors.

(Also Mel has an incredible website and internet marketing approach. Everyone should study it.)

But Melissa Detwiller may finally have reached the point where her bodyshaping process is transforming her into one of the best female bodybuilders.

A look at posts over at "Unrealmuscle" shows that fans are reacting to the constant improvement in the muscularity and definition her body expressed at the NPC Jr. Nationals. I personally think Mel should work on her biceps, with an eye toward adding an inch. Her legs are very well-formed. With this constant improvement, a pro-card is in the future for Melissa Detwiller.

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