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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Monday, July 24, 2006

Cindy Phillips Gets Ready For The 2006 Canadian Nationals

The 2006 CBBF Canadian Bodybuilding Championships is set for September 15-16, 2006 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and female bodybuilding internet queen Cindy Phillips has been training with a laser focus toward the event.

This picture, from her popular blog, shows how ready the 5-1 blone bombshell is. Cindy Phillips tells her fans that she's working to add more mass to her legs. She's also reports "Physically, mentally, emotinally and financially- it occupies every bit each of those things.The money, the sacrifice and the dedication is becomung too much."

This is a common problem in the Women's Bodybuilding community and the cost of training and competing, the hours, and the lack of sponsorship money from mainstream sources add up to clear frustration for even the most determined athletes. Cindy's fans give her all the support they can, but -- how many times have we who care have said it? -- it's time for a Women's Federation, well-financed enough to produce it's own shows and collect sponsorship assistance revenue.

It's doable. Something should be done before the Cindy Phillips of the world become just a memory. If you want to help Cindy pay for her training budget, you can join her site with a click here.

Here's a clip of Cindy Phillips training hard:

Kim Buck Gets Her Pro Card! - Kim Buck From Da ATL!

Atlanta-based Kim Buck won the over competition at the 2006 NPC Teen, Collegiate and Master Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships. Here's the list of winners below. For more detail, visit Gene Hwang's and James Cook's magazine and message board with a click on the title of this post.

Overall: Kim Buck*

1) Kristen Mundo
2) Donna Karr
3) Angela Sales
4) Patricia Riley
5) Kim Marie Pauline
6) Amy Kubala

1) Lisa Aranda
2) Brenda Smith
3) Ellen Woodley
4) Ann Caliri
5) Joani Ventreli

Light Heavyweights:
1) Debbie Bramwell
2) Michelle Brent
3) Anita Nikolich
4) Cindy Johnson
5) Holly Nicholson

1) Kim Buck*
2) Emily Holder
3) Pam Franklin
4) Marcia Ferguson
5) Lena Sanchez



10-12 years:
1) Lee Ann Thompson
2) Alexandra Larvie
3) Alex Stein
4) Daryl Stein

1) Victoria Larvie
2) Victoria Biddinger

* eligible for IFBB pro card

Overall: Stephanie Togrul*

Class A (5'2" and under)
1) Tivisay Bricero
2) Audrey Burk
3) Michelle Dennis
4) Toni Hatcher
5) Kristen Mundo

Class B
1) Stephanie Togrul
2) Michele Naylon
3) Brenda Smith
4) Denise Jensen
5) Nina Cash

Class C
1) Tracy Guarino
2) Natalie Calland
3) Stacy Boles-Jordanoff
4) Jan Horn
5) Jill Lindsey

Class D
1) Catherine Zidell
2) Michelle Troll
3) Susan Williams
4) Shelly Fields
5) Kim Glover


Collegiate Figure

Overall: Ali Huston

C Class:
1) Constance Kacheris

D Class:
1) Ali Huston
2) Natalie Blommel
3) Hillary Epler

* eligible for IFBB pro card

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