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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cindy Phillips With Two Weeks Before The Canadian Nationals

On her blog, Cindy Phillips writes:

I find myself sad thinkin about this prep ending. As much as i'd like to eat and get back to being a little more normal, i can't help but be saddened to know that soon this journey will be over. You work sooo hard for so long and then bam all the sudden its over....the lean muscle u took so long to scalp out gets covered back up with carbs and food and your daily life no longer revolves around getting to that date. I'm sure alot of girls kina feel like that. I sense of loss, for somthing that was so much a part of your life for so long.

HAHAHA, but really i cant friggin wait to eat me some CHHESCAKE FOR REAL!!! That keeps me happy :).

2006 Europa Pro Show - Judge List Mostly Male

"fbbhubby" reports on 2006 Europa Pro Show judges on the GeneX message board:

I asked Gary Udit for the judges names also. He gave me these names, but didn't know exactly who was on the panel and didn't think the head judge (whoever it was) knew either. Not much help. Couldn't get e-mail addresses for most and the ones I e-mailed for feedback didn't reply. At the competitors meeting, it was stated that the e-mail addresses are on the website, but that isn't true.

Jim Rockell
Matt Crane
Linda Wood-Hoyt
Steve Weinberger
Debbie Albert
Ernest Bea
Quincy Roberts
Lee Thompson

Note that only two -- Linda Wood-Hoyt and Debbie Albert -- are women.

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