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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Iris Kyle Wins The Ms. Olympia

6D6E7128, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Certainly deserving of her $30,000 prize, Iris Kyle (on the left, with Annie Rivieccio, Bonnie Priest, and Dayana Cadeau), arguably one of the best athletes in the world, took the 2006 Ms. Olympia in Las Vegas.

Here's the winners list:

Ms. Olympia
1) Iris Kyle
2) Dayana Cadeau
3) Annie Rivieccio
4) Bonnie Priest
5) Lisa Aukland
6) Betty Pariso

Fitness Olympia
1) Adela Garcia
2) Kim Klein
3) Jen Hendershott
4) Tanji Johnson
5) Tracey Greenwood
6) Julie Palmer

For another take on Iris Kyke, check out "Kate On Sports: Kate On Female Athletes" video below...

Candy Canary's Off To Thailand - Help Her Out!

Pastor -- yep -- Pastor Candy Canary's off to Thailand for mission work. She announced this on GeneX's Forum. Her message is below, and the link to her site is the title of this post.

Hello everyone-

I am writing you to ask for your monetary support. I am traveling to Asia for 30 days.

I will be partnering up with two separate missionary teams. One is ran by Joyce Moore, founder of the Abba House, www.abbahousefoundation.com , a non-profit organization catered to helping women and children who have been sold into the sex slave trade. With Joyce, I will be visiting women’s prisons, participating in some street evangelism, and traveling to areas that are saturated by the sex slave trade. I will be apart of a team who shares the love of Jesus Christ to the young children and women who are forced into this horrible world of prostitution. Many, if not all, have given up hope of escaping their imprisonment…for they know not of a place to escape too.

And the other missionary I will work with is Ron Morse. He is a missionary who is the founder of a ministry school in Thailand. He also has several schools in which he runs…all teaching the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. With Ron, I will be visiting several orphanages sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ. I will also be visiting his schools and offering suggestions as to how he can better them for the kids.

Our mission: to encourage those who need encouragement, be a friend to those who need a friend, hug to those who are lonely, and share the powerful, saving message of Jesus Christ to all!

Please help me in our journey…we need money to buy Bibles, tracks, booklets, and supplies.

Please use the Pay Pal link on my ministry website, Sowing Seeds for Christ, www.sowingseedsforChrist.org , a non-profit organization, to make your donation. All donations will go toward my Asia trip.

Any amount will help!!!! I need the donations NLT Oct 10. (I depart Oct 25.) Oh, and please pray for me…I am traveling alone!

Thank You, Pastor Candy Canary

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