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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Britt Miller At The 2006 Women's NPC Championships

Britt Miller, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Brit Miller, another pre-contest favorite, placed third in the middleweight category.

Kris Murell at The 2006 Women's NPC Championships

6D6E8398, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Kris Murell shows the biceps and muscularity that made her a fan favorite at the show; unfortunately she did not place in a heavily competitive contest.

Winner's List - 2006 Women's NPC National Championship in Miami

Here's the list of winners at the 2006 Women's NPC National Championship in Miami.

Women's Overall Winner:
Lora Ottenad

Earned Pro Card:

Jamie Troxel
Lisa Bickels
Debi Laszewski
Lora Ottenad

1. Lora Ottenad
2. Beverly DiRenzo
3. Sheila Bleck
4. Gale Frankie
5. Theresa Hendricks
NP. Kate Baird
NP. Debbie Baker
NP. Michelle Baker
NP. Sheilahe Brown
NP. Sylvia Cowan
NP. Heather Darling
NP. Geri Deach
NP. Pamela Franklin
NP. Olivia Garner
NP. Nursel Gurler
NP. Jennifer Gutierrez
NP. Tammy Jones
NP. Bettina Kadet
NP. Jody May
NP. Kris Murrell
NP. Gabriella Nicander
NP. Anita Nikolich
NP. Julie Peavey
NP. Ashalyn Porter
NP. Ellen Torrence
Light Heavyweight
1. Debi Laszewski
2. Elena Seiple-Perticari
3. Kristy Hawkins
4. Angie Salvagno
5. Amy Neal
NP. Dana Capobianco
NP. Karen Choat
NP. Kate Cooper
NP. Alison Cosentino
NP. Casey Dougherty
NP. Holly Geersen
NP. Christine Moore
NP. Suha Qasem
NP. Christy Resendes
NP. Pamela Rogers
NP. Melanie Schaper
NP. Wendy Tucker
1. Lisa Bickels
2. Yahaira Agosto
3. Britt Ashley Miller
4. Jennifer Sedia
5. Tina Chandler
NP. Lisa Aranda
NP. Heidi Bagwell
NP. Yvette Bova
NP. Christine Brandon
NP. Tammi Burdelski
NP. Lois Colon
NP. Denise Fischer
NP. Janet Kaufman
NP. Julia Korthage
NP. Michelle Morrison
NP. Kaylie Perry
NP. Brenda Smith
NP. Ellen Woodley
1. Jamie Troxel
2. Barbara Fletcher
3. Tera Guzman
4. Galina Serdtsev
5. Renee Opedisano
NP. Tome Ameko
NP. Deborah Barnes
NP. Glenda Bozett
NP. Rose Diaz
NP. Karen Geninatti
NP. Ann Marie Kam
NP. Donna Karr
NP. Jodi Miller
NP. Pam Shealy
NP. Christy Stephens
NP. Pamela Ty
NP. Beth Wachter

Lora Ottenad Is The 2006 Women's NPC National Champion

6D6E9927, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Combining feminity and an obviously well-built and defined set of muscles, Seattle's Lora Ottenad take the 2006 Women's NPC National Championship in Miami. Lora is 5'8 and 175 pounds, making her one of the heaviest women's bodybuilders. Her win ushers in a new era where muscularity is back, and after what seemed to be an assault on the very idea that women can and for contest purposes should have cut large muscles.

Congratulations to Lora!

Stats: 5-8, 190 pounds, BB, biceps: 16.5 ", calves 17", waist: 29", quads 27", chest 45"
best lifts at a body weight of 188 lbs:
- bench press 315 lb. x 5 reps
- squat 500 lb.
- leg press 1800 lb.
- curl 150 lb.
Location: Seattle

Video on the contestants in the championship, by Kate On Sports

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