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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Monday, May 28, 2007

Ms. Machine Shows Us How To Wii

The always funny Pro FBB Ms. Machine's into many things, one of them playing with Wii. In her blog , she explains that there are the "top five reasons" to play with your Wii:

5. How else are you going to get some pleasure if you are single?

4. Come on, I live in Philly, it is just too cold to go outside and play baseball. Not only that, but the last time I tried bowling in my thong, I got tossed out!!!???

3. Trust me you won’t go blind.

2. The pre contest diet and cardio is coming up and boxing is just more fun than the stairclimber.

1. Ha ha ha, this thing is sold out everywhere and I had the boys in the store put one aside for me!!!!! I just like to rub this in my guy friends’ faces! Sometimes being a girl helps :)

All of this playful exhibition with Wii caused Cindy Phillips to write.."what a lil cutie u are! Damn nice legs too girl :)"

We agree.

Speaking, er, writing of legs, here's a video of Ms.Machine showing us just how strong they are:

Heather Lee Trains To Be A Strong(er) Woman

Heather Lee's claim to fame is as a female bodybuilder. But lately, she's been training using strongman techniques. She reports on her blog:

Training has been going well....I am training Strongman Style again, and learning the techniques that I had never nailed before. 3 weeks ago I had a great workout with the Strongman crew I train with, doing a 110 pound farmers walk with a 600 pound tire flip medley. I was able to flip the tire on my own 3 times, and was spotted thru another 3 reps. Then I did a 110 pound sandbag load for sets of 15 reps on a platform to mimick the atlas stone event. The week prior I began to learn an axle clean and press, which I finally nailed the form on last week. I feel comfortable on the split stance and have learned the use my legs to make the weight pop....very different from bodybuilding style training which you want to use strict form with planted feet....but I am pretty happy with the progress....you can see some of the pics my good buddy X-tina was kind enough to take for me! :~)

Wow. This from a woman who reportedly once used her legs to lift nine people sitting on a couch, or over 1,000 pounds! How much stronger will she get? Who knows?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Jody May Celebrated On National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Professional Female Bodybuilder Jody May was celebrated on National Girls and Women in Sports Day by her alma mater Odessa College. She even got placed over my friend Gil Brandt of NFL.com and the Dallas Cowboys!

"Jody May is one of our own, a 1998 graduate of Odessa College with an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences. After Odessa College Jody went on to become a Professional bodybuilder were she competed in many bodybuilding and fitness competitions over the years. Some of her accomplishments include finishing 1st in the Ronnie Coleman Classic (national qualifier) in the novice heavyweight division in 2003. She also finished 1st in the Southwest USA (national qualifier) in the open heavyweight division and was the overall winner in 2004. Jody has since gone on and competed at the national bodybuilding championships were she finished 11th overall in the heavyweight division in 2004. Jody is currently working as a Physical Therapist Assistant and continuing to compete as a Professional Bodybuilder."

BLOWW - Boston League Of Women Wrestlers - Body Slam

IMG_1096, originally uploaded by bostonleagueofwomenwrestlers.

This is a photo from the video in the previous post on BLOWW. Here, the "nurse girl"s got her opponent -- I'm not up on the character names -- up in the air and is spinning her around.

BLOWW - Boston League Of Women Wrestlers - These Women Wreslers AreRough and Tough

bloww4.JPG, originally uploaded by sgrafman.

I somehow ran accross this crazy photo and had to stop in my Internet tracks. If you look at this, the very scene implies an episode that's both brutal and somehow attractive as they're a couple of women who look fine depending on one's taste and are really going at it. It seems like the woman who has the girl-with-fishnets foot in her hands is getting the best of her, and if one goes through the entire photo shoot, they find this to be true.

I then learned this was caled The Boston League Of Women Wrestlers , or BLOWW.

So I decided to see if there was a video of BLOWW action on YouTube and -- YouTube seldom disappoints -- there was. I have to tell you this video you're about to see shows two women just going at it like the most action-packed WWE events, accept it doesn't look fake at all. They fiercely go at each other, picking each other up, spinning the other around and bodyslamming each other. And for guys -- ok it's a turn on to watch it, I gotta admit that openly.

Steve Wennerstrom talking to pros Amanda Dunbar and Mimi Jabalee and Genex

Steve, originally uploaded by hansk01.

This is the man who started it all. Steve Wennerstrom talking to pros Amanda Dunbar and Mimi Jabalee and Genex in the picture popularized female bodybuilding with his Women's Physique World Magazine. It was the first publication exclusively devoted to women's bodybuilding.

Tamela Jackson Wins The 2007 California Bodybuilding Championship

Tamela Jackson, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Tamela Jackson Wins The 2007 California Bodybuilding Championship in Culver City, CA.

Tamela posted this about her at GeneX forums; there's no website for her as of this writing.

I started looking at others & thought I would share a brief bit of info about me. I love to train hard in the gym- was brought up in the bodybuilding world training with guys (especially my husband) & still can hang with the guys in the gym today! I have always been into sports- basketball, gymnastics, dancing, etc.

If you see me in the gym don't be offended if I do not say much- I come there to train- & train hard! I am from West Virginia & have always dreamed of moving to California! I am living my dream & loving every minute of it. I am currently training at Milos Sarcev's gym in Fullerton, CA & he has been guiding me in prepping for the California State Championships. I have trained with many IFBB pro men- Hidetada Yamigishi, Silvio Saviour & train with Oscar Urbina- aka Big O who is a crazy fun guy who has been also giving me advice for the upcoming show! What a crazy group of guys that is called Team Milos. Great fun there & so much I have learned. I am soooo glad I moved out here & am dedicated to kicking some butt at the Cal States!

So thank you for your support & hopefully James & I will plan some action shots in the gym! Where the real work happens!!! xoxox Tammy

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kris Murrell At The Arnold Classic By Hans

Kris Murrell @ the Arnold, originally uploaded by hansk01.

Kris Murell is a female bodybuilder from Georgia and Director of Personal Training, Cory Everson’s Fitness for Women. The video below captures her great legs and quad development.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Stephanie Park Shows Abs In And Muscle - Video

This interesting video shows Steph Park showing off her abs to someone in an office -- somewhere.

Yaxeni Oriquen By Lori Braun

yaxeni-oriquen_class act always, originally uploaded by loribraun.

Aspiring actress Yaxeni Oriquen is captured in this arresting photo by Lori Braun. Venezuelan-born, Oriquen reportedly lives in Florida. She's one of the most popular FBBs in the world. Visit her site at Yaxeni.com

Oakland's Kelly Dobbins By GeneX

Kelly Dobbins, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

I've known Kelly for some time, going all the way back to when she worked out at Gold's Gym in Oakland, and then to when she and her husband set up their own gym not far away. She's a great lady. Here's her bio from her website:

Kelly Dobbins is a competitor you may recognize from her many appearances in Women's Physique World as one of Al Murch's favorite women to profile from the Bay Area of Northern California. Although it is in California, the Bay Area is much different from Southern California, but there are many impressive physique athletes suchs as Ms. Dobbins from the region better known for it wine production.
"I started weight training about 15 years ago, just for basic toning and conditioning. When I started to see how my body reacted, I started to take it a step further and people started to tell me that I should compete, so I did and started doing very well in the AAU," says Dobbins.

Her beginnings were much like many bodybuilders and she quickly fell in love with the results she was seeing. "More mature muscle started happening and I switched over to NPC and started doing even better with the right trainers and nutritionists - plus I loved the strict discipline it required and taking my body to the limit!!

"My goal is to do the Nationals next year (2000), but not to go pro. It's a must that each time I compete that it is evident that my body has greatly improved!!! I will not step on stage if I look the same as the last contest! It is very important to me that I get positive feedback from the judges each time I compete, but I can also take constructive criticism. I love to go up against strong competition, it makes me feel like I really earned my victory!" Dobbins adds.

With her grounded outlook, Dobbins sees no reason to push too hard to turn pro. Knowing what it takes to compete at the highest levels and the urrent evolution of the sport do not concide with her agenda.

"I really appreciate and respect the Pros because I know all the hard and grueling training and dieting that goes into it, however I want to keep my femininity and you have to be enhanced, which I have no desire to take that path," she adds. So what path does Dobbins want to take? It's not quite clear where she'll net out, but with the continued support of her friends and relatives, there's no telling.
Even through the crazy holiday season, Dobbins was staying focused. "I stay in pretty good shape in the off season, I keep my body fat around 11 or 12%, I still do my cardio and my training, I just dont diet strictly, but I still watch what I eat. I enjoy life a little more. Nice dinners, great wine and dancing! I love salsa dancing. I've taken quite a few group and private Salsa lessons," she adds. When not dancing or going out, Dobbins focuses intensely on her training which includes lifts such as 750 lb. leg presses, 35 lb. dumbell bicep curls, 50 lb. dumbell shoulder presses, and squats with 225 lbs. among others.

"I've been blessed with very wonderful and close friends whom I love to spend time with! I'm also currently taking private wrestling several times a week which I'm getting a huge kick out of. I'm really enjoying myself with this!!!! I have a wonderful husband who is my trainer and my nutritionist and also supports me in my wrestling." The wrestling Dobbins refers to is with Virago, also out of Oakland, California.

Recently profiled on the front cover of one of San Francisco's weekly papers, the Guardian, her wrestling career has been growing rapidly, but not at the expense of her bodybuiding career. "Contest time becomes a little tough because we become more business and we both know what it takes to get the job done - he's really tough on me! I get nothing but positive reponses from him, my friends and family, they are so proud of me!" And there is much to be proud of and if her career continues along the same path it has been, keep an eye out for Kelly Dobbins as she'll surely be causing a stir on the national stage soon.

Kelly Dobbins Wins Contra Costa Figure Competition

Kelly Dobbins, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Kelly Dobbins -- a long-time player in the Oakland, CA bodybuilding scene -- won the Contra Costa Figure Competition in Hayward a week ago. We're looking forward to seeing more of Kelly's biceps and smile.

Monica Brennan From The Contra Costa Figure Competition

Monica Brennan, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Monica Brennan should play the "Bionic Woman" on NBC. She's a totally hot hardbody from Oakland, CA (yeah, ok, actually, Alameda, but whatever!) Here's her post on GeneX Forum..

Hi all, my name is Monica Brennan and I am currently training for the May contra costa figure competition in Hayward, California. I have been weight training for about 10 years (sometimes more seriously then others) and I have recently started preparation for becomming a figure competitor. I went to my first show Saturday the 10th of March and I plan to be part of many more. I placed second in my class but there were only a few of us competing.

To give you a little background on myself, I started boxing at the age of 12. I worked a lot at a coffee shop and wasent sure of what to do with my money. So I went through the phone book and found a the Bellmore Kickboxing academy, in Bellmore,NY which became my main focus for the next 8 years. When I was about 14 I had started really taking up the art of weight training. I was very involved in both sports until recently when I moved from Long Island, New York to Alameda, California.

I had started boxing at Kings gym in Oakland but I started really getting into weight training and that aspect of my life really took off. I had always used weight training as a means of relieving stress. When I started doing personal training I realized how nice it is to see people achieve there personal fitness goals. I still find that more rewarding then making the money.

I ended up meeting a good friend, Peggy, at my gym who is a bodybuilder. I would see her and say to myself, who is that?? She had a great physique and motivation that left me in awe. She had suggested that I do figure competitions, which I had known nothing about. I started looking into them and realized that I would love the opportunity to partake in one of the competitions, so I did. With Peggy's help I placed second in my class at my first show. And plan on doing my best at the Contra Costa. I would love some feedback on my pics or just comments.

Monica Brennan

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Monica Mollica - Super Legs Makes Videos and Pushes A Dodge Daytona

Monica Mollica's latest video features her pushing a 4,000-pound 2007 Dodge Daytona -- her own -- across a Florida landscape. It's an amazing demonstration of the combination of strength, sexiness, and beauty that car companies should use in their marketing. A mix that's best represented by Monica Mollica.

After completing her website -- 100 percent on her own -- she's now working on a member's section and makes video clips for the site. One of them features this arresting pose. It's clear that Monica's got her finger on the pulse of what her fans want and she's talented enough to make the perfect online vehicle to give it to them.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Michelle Lin's Super Legs and Calves

James over at FTVideo conducted a photo shoot with this amazingly well-built natural female bodybuilder, Michelle Lin.

He reports: Had a good shoot with her. She has an amazing story. She was born in china and worked on her parents farm since she was 8 years old. Hence the amazing leg development. She came to the US at 18. She says that she is embarrassed by the muscularity of her legs and never shows them in public! Imagine that!

I can't imagine!

Women's Bodybuilding and The Pornification Of America

Someone over at GeneX forum wondered why some FBBs were "doing porn." The question caused me to think about the matter; here's my response.

America Pornified

...and a book on the subject, mainstream America itself is "pornified" so the real question is what do you define as porn?

From a pure stanpoint, the Internet has mainstreamed the soft-porn that is most FBB images. But is this out of joint with American society? One look at any video distribution site will say "no." Thus, since what FBB's normally show is in itself soft porn -- bikinis and at at times provacative posing -- then it's not a far stretch of effort to take it all the way.

America and the industrialized World seemed to have moved the bar more and more. But the last two years -- dominated by blogs and YouTube -- have moved the showing of images more toward the full porn level.

But, and again, how is this different from Britney Spears showing her crouch not once, or twice, but three times to the probing photog's cameras? On the whole, I think it's high time we Americans got over our collective issues with porn, especially since we show such a commericialized desire for it.

For example, have you noticed how small the crotch of women's jeans has become over the last ten years? It's amazing -- all the way down to the hip bone -- plus some women don't wear anything under the jeans at all anymore or use a belt for that matter. This style is rampant in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Monica Mollica - Super Legs Wrestles "Cleo" In Video

Monica Mollica -- the fast rising star of female bodybuilding -- has discovered wrestling. In this video she takes on "Cleo" -- whoever that is. But you can see how well-muscled Monica's body is in the clip and just how strong she is by the way she easily handles Cleo -- whoever that is.

Here's the video:

Visit the new Zennie62.com

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