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Sunday, May 27, 2007

BLOWW - Boston League Of Women Wrestlers - These Women Wreslers AreRough and Tough

bloww4.JPG, originally uploaded by sgrafman.

I somehow ran accross this crazy photo and had to stop in my Internet tracks. If you look at this, the very scene implies an episode that's both brutal and somehow attractive as they're a couple of women who look fine depending on one's taste and are really going at it. It seems like the woman who has the girl-with-fishnets foot in her hands is getting the best of her, and if one goes through the entire photo shoot, they find this to be true.

I then learned this was caled The Boston League Of Women Wrestlers , or BLOWW.

So I decided to see if there was a video of BLOWW action on YouTube and -- YouTube seldom disappoints -- there was. I have to tell you this video you're about to see shows two women just going at it like the most action-packed WWE events, accept it doesn't look fake at all. They fiercely go at each other, picking each other up, spinning the other around and bodyslamming each other. And for guys -- ok it's a turn on to watch it, I gotta admit that openly.


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sarah.dohle said...
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