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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Friday, March 02, 2007

GeneX Sneaks Up On Melissa Dettwiller At Arnold Classic

They refer to this as a mugging of Melissa Dettwiller, but I'll be kinder. Check out the video:

Amy Schmid Looks Ripped At 2007 Arnold Classic

Amy Schmid, originally uploaded by hansk01.

Amy Schmid at the weigh-in at the 2007 Arnold Classic amateur show, Columbus, Ohio, March 2007.

Jody May Weighs In At 2007 Arnold Classic

Jody weighs in, originally uploaded by hansk01.

Hans Klein captures Jody May at the weigh-in at the 2007 Arnold Classic amateur show, Columbus, Ohio, March 2007. He reports:

" Jody May arrived in Columbus after a three-day drive from Texas and weighed in at 159 pounds (she came in at 166 at Nationals last November so she’s in much better shape this time). She looked awesome and is definitely going to be hard to beat in the heavies…"

Michelle Jones - British Female Bodybuilder - 2006 UK Champion

DSC00684, originally uploaded by hansk01.

Michelle Jones is an up and coming female bodybuilder who -- at 21 -- has a lot of potential on top of what' she's already done. She works out at Forest Gym in the UK, where these photos were taken by Hans Klein, a writer for GeneX Magazine. It can be said that Hans discovered her for the Internet world.

He posted this account:

Michelle Jones, a 21 year-old British girl I met today, is one of the most promising young female bodybuilders to come out of England in years - in fact, since Joanna Thomas. When she won the British equivalent of Nationals last October – only her second ever show – she was, in fact, even younger than Joanna was when she won the same show back in 1998. But unfortunately, the rules have now been changed. Whereas Joanna got a pro card automatically, Michelle will have to compete at the Europeans or Worlds to get hers.

To that end, she’s in the middle of what she calls a “two-year process of bulking up”. At 5-foot-3, she competed last October at 125 pounds and she’s already put on a lot of size since then - as I saw when I went to visit her today at Forest Gym, a hardcore gym (paint peeling off the equipment, signed photos of pros on the wall, Rammstein playing) in Sussex, just south of London, where she trains.

More on Michelle Jones here.

2007 Arnold Classic Women's Bodybuilding Competitor List - Contest Is March 2nd - 3rd

Women's Bodybuilding


Dianne Brown Maryland
Ann Caliri North Carolina
Ayanna Carroll Maryland
Brigette Charles Ohio
Annette Costa Florida
Cindy Goodrich Washington
Nisette Gray Michigan
Dee Lazard Texas
Leslie Nelson Ohio
Jennifer Wilson Kentucky


Debra Brock South Carolina
Shannon Chandler North Carolina
Shar Courtney Texas
Tedda Focht Ohio
Sueallen Lottimore Arizona
Jill Lundy Ohio
Rachael McMillan Georgia
Holly Nicholson Nevada
Christy Resendes Massachusetts
Amy Schmid Ohio
Heavyweight Lynn Aubrey Kentucky
Leigh Ann Bowen Kentucky
Marcia Ferguson Ohio
Merry Christine Harris Washington
Karin Klein Ohio
DeChanta Knox Delaware
Yamile Marrero Florida
Jody May Texas
Evy Rustad Norway
Emanuela Silvagni New York

Women's Figure

A Class Heather Bear Indiana
Anne Broadbent Kentucky
Lisa Brown Alabama
Sanovia Nikki Browner Nevada
Robin Channell Tennessee
Julie Costa Massachusetts
Charmaine Davis Delaware
Michelle DeVere-Jones Kentucky
Theresa Evans Connecticut
Kara Flowers Ohio
Jill Frew New York
Rachel Gallegos Colorado
Trina Goosby Florida
Bethann Hyndshaw New Jersey
Liza Kampstra Colorado
Carla L. Kearns Pennsylvania
Jill Knight Oregon
Crystal Lowery California
Cindy Martinez Florida
Kathryn Payton Texas
Tiffany Procopio Maryland
Katrina Roundtree Virginia
Rosalind Vail Florida
Angela Wagner Missouri
Nikki Warner Indiana
Alisa Williams Tennessee

B Class

Jane Archer Indiana
Nadine Baker Indiana
Lori Burnett Ohio
Gina Cardone New York
Nina T. Cash Ohio
Sarah Chilia Ohio
Carmen Demske Florida
Michelle Duckworth Kentucky
Nicole Fatigati Missouri
Bea Fox California
Kristen Grider Arizona
Terri Jett South Carolina
Kelly Long Indiana
Carla Machado-Jones Maryland
Yvette Lozano California
Chelsey Morgenstern Ohio
Essie Numminen Nevada
Ann Pratt Arizona
Marchell Purcey Ohio
Grace Rivera New York
Janet Routzong Hilliard
Jacqui Skibba Colorado
Tiffany Underwood Ohio
Nicole Wilkenfeld Minnesota
Tonya Wood Arizona

Women's Figure (Continued)

C Class

Teresa Anthony Maryland
Kim Barnes-Jefferson Massachusetts
Natalie Calland Ohio
Michele Cogger California
Katie Dulac New Hampshire
Rose Mary Fries Texas
Marie Gibbon Ohio
Molly Gillespie Texas
Laurie Eldredge Connecticut
Caralyn Hammonds Tennessee
Katie Heath Utah
Kristi Knights Maine
Jenny Lewis Colorado
Amber Mixell Pennsylvania
Felica O'Neal Ohio
Melissa Pearo Oklahoma
Holly Powell Ohio
Jennifer Schumm Colorado
Michelle Selwyn Florida
Sandra Simons Washington, DC
Robin Sinclear California
Kathryn Stewart Indiana
Charity Tinsley Ohio
Jill Travaglia Minnesota
Michele Welcome-Pellegato Connecticut
Lucinda Marie Witte California
Shelly Yakimchuk Canada

D Class

Alicia Marie New York
Amy Bates Florida
Dawnice Beckley Ohio
Ardrenia Blackshear-Lyons Florida
Natalie Blommel Ohio
Amanda Bollinger Utah
Renee Bradford Texas
Felicia Bruno Texas
Gretchen Crass Maryland
Claire Davies Indiana
Brooke Doran Maryland
Sarah Dowd Ohio
Nancy Georges California
Christine Holland-Morrow New Jersey
Wendy Kust Illinois
Stephanie Larkin Florida
Lisa Miles Ohio
Roberta Orth Canada
Elise Prucha New York
Danielle Rouleau Florida
Lisa Sonterre-Hausfeld Ohio
Shannan Yorton California
Leyla Yurchick Ohio
Shaushi Zike Washington

Women's Fitness

Short Class

Colleen Baldwin Texas
Maggie Blanchard New Hampshire
Dawn Butterfield Rhode Island
Rachelle Cannon Maryland
Bethany Chorba Michigan
Jessica Clay Ohio
Andrea Cloninger North Carolina
Sara Flom California
Kelly Foster Ohio
Venus Nguyen Arizona
Toneka Pires Massachusetts
Venus Ramos California
Cristina Ray Indiana
Emily Smith Ohio
Cindy Steedle Georgia

Tall Class

Kristin Marie Ackerson Vermont
Jill Brooks Texas
Tara Carrillo Colorado
Jodie Cohen Massachusetts
Monique Colbert Florida
Barbie Guerra Arizona
Tanis Hill Canada
Lilla Krifaton Nevada
Amanda Marinelli Florida
Betsy McNally-Harris Illinois
ShaNay Montez Norvell Georgia
Rochelle Rene Florida
Amanda Smith Massachusetts

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