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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Jennifer Benda At The Arnold Classic

Jennifer Benda @ the Arnold, originally uploaded by hansk01.

Hans Klien takes this photo of Jennifer Benda, the 2006 Orange County (CA) Classic - NPC, Heavyweight, second place winner, at the Arnold Classic.

Jody May At The 2007 Arnold Classic

Jody May, originally uploaded by hansk01.

Hans Klein captures Jody May at the pre-judging at the Arnold Classic. Jody's showing a new hair-style compared to her appearance at the NPC Nationals in Atlanta in 2005. But the smile's still the same.

Jaime Buffalari - Classic Pict From Photo Shoot With GeneX

Jaime Buffalari, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

This is simply one of GeneX's best photos in my opinion. He captures Jaime Buffalari in a classic black and white conception and an angle that in one view manages to take her beauty and muscularity to a new level.

More on Jaime Buffalari here.

Annie Rivieccio At The 2007 Arnold Classic

GS2Q1442, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Annie Rivieccio shows an hourglass body, ripped thighs, and great symetry in this photo. She placed seventh in the contest.

Arnold Classic Posedown - Lisa Aukland, Heather Policky, and Heather Foster

_MG_5345, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

This photo features Lisa Aukland, the fourth place winner of the Arnold Classic on the left with Heather Policky in the middle and Heather Foster on the right. Check out Lisa hamstring development.

Yaxeni Oriquen, Iris Kyle, and Heather Policky At The Arnold Classic

_MG_5227, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

This is a great photo of the eventual Arnold Classic winner, Iris Kyle in the middle of a posedown featuring Yaxeni Oriquen on the left and Heather Policky on the right.

Iris Kyle Wins 2007 Arnold Classic

Ms. International Bodybuilding
Overall: Iris Kyle

1) Iris Kyle
2) Yaxeni Oriquen
3) Heather Policky
4) Lisa Aukland
5) Betty Pariso
6) Dayana Cadeau
7) Annie Rivieccio
8) Bonny Priest
9)Toni Norman
10) Cathy Lefrancois
11) Lora Ottenad
12) Denise Masino
13) Kim Perez
14) Colette Nelson
15) Rose Jennings
16) Susanne Niederhauser

Figure International

1) Mary Elizabeth Lado
2) Amanda Savell
3) Sonia Adcock
4) Latisha Wilder
5) Valerie Waugaman
6) Gina Aliotti
7) Chastity Slone
8) Julie Wallis
9) Christine Wan
10) Inga Neverauskaite
11) Jane Awad
12) Debbie Leung
13) Briana Tindall
14) Corry Matthews
15) Zena Collins

Fitness International

1) Kim Klein
2) Jen Hendershott
3) Adela Garcia
4) Tanji Johnson
5) Julie Palmer
6) Tracey Greenwood
7) Julie Shipley-Childs
8) Debra Czempinski
9) Hollie Stewart
10) Angela Monteleone-Semsch
11) Amy Villa-Nelson
12) Mindi O'Brien
13) Bethany Gainey
14) Amy Haddad
15) Heidi Fletcher
* qualifies for 2007 Olympia

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