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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Michelle Lin's Super Legs and Calves

James over at FTVideo conducted a photo shoot with this amazingly well-built natural female bodybuilder, Michelle Lin.

He reports: Had a good shoot with her. She has an amazing story. She was born in china and worked on her parents farm since she was 8 years old. Hence the amazing leg development. She came to the US at 18. She says that she is embarrassed by the muscularity of her legs and never shows them in public! Imagine that!

I can't imagine!

Women's Bodybuilding and The Pornification Of America

Someone over at GeneX forum wondered why some FBBs were "doing porn." The question caused me to think about the matter; here's my response.

America Pornified

...and a book on the subject, mainstream America itself is "pornified" so the real question is what do you define as porn?

From a pure stanpoint, the Internet has mainstreamed the soft-porn that is most FBB images. But is this out of joint with American society? One look at any video distribution site will say "no." Thus, since what FBB's normally show is in itself soft porn -- bikinis and at at times provacative posing -- then it's not a far stretch of effort to take it all the way.

America and the industrialized World seemed to have moved the bar more and more. But the last two years -- dominated by blogs and YouTube -- have moved the showing of images more toward the full porn level.

But, and again, how is this different from Britney Spears showing her crouch not once, or twice, but three times to the probing photog's cameras? On the whole, I think it's high time we Americans got over our collective issues with porn, especially since we show such a commericialized desire for it.

For example, have you noticed how small the crotch of women's jeans has become over the last ten years? It's amazing -- all the way down to the hip bone -- plus some women don't wear anything under the jeans at all anymore or use a belt for that matter. This style is rampant in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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