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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Monday, May 28, 2007

Ms. Machine Shows Us How To Wii

The always funny Pro FBB Ms. Machine's into many things, one of them playing with Wii. In her blog , she explains that there are the "top five reasons" to play with your Wii:

5. How else are you going to get some pleasure if you are single?

4. Come on, I live in Philly, it is just too cold to go outside and play baseball. Not only that, but the last time I tried bowling in my thong, I got tossed out!!!???

3. Trust me you won’t go blind.

2. The pre contest diet and cardio is coming up and boxing is just more fun than the stairclimber.

1. Ha ha ha, this thing is sold out everywhere and I had the boys in the store put one aside for me!!!!! I just like to rub this in my guy friends’ faces! Sometimes being a girl helps :)

All of this playful exhibition with Wii caused Cindy Phillips to write.."what a lil cutie u are! Damn nice legs too girl :)"

We agree.

Speaking, er, writing of legs, here's a video of Ms.Machine showing us just how strong they are:

Heather Lee Trains To Be A Strong(er) Woman

Heather Lee's claim to fame is as a female bodybuilder. But lately, she's been training using strongman techniques. She reports on her blog:

Training has been going well....I am training Strongman Style again, and learning the techniques that I had never nailed before. 3 weeks ago I had a great workout with the Strongman crew I train with, doing a 110 pound farmers walk with a 600 pound tire flip medley. I was able to flip the tire on my own 3 times, and was spotted thru another 3 reps. Then I did a 110 pound sandbag load for sets of 15 reps on a platform to mimick the atlas stone event. The week prior I began to learn an axle clean and press, which I finally nailed the form on last week. I feel comfortable on the split stance and have learned the use my legs to make the weight pop....very different from bodybuilding style training which you want to use strict form with planted feet....but I am pretty happy with the progress....you can see some of the pics my good buddy X-tina was kind enough to take for me! :~)

Wow. This from a woman who reportedly once used her legs to lift nine people sitting on a couch, or over 1,000 pounds! How much stronger will she get? Who knows?

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