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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

World's Strongest Woman Aneta Florczyk Bends Frying Pan

This is the most beautiful "Strongest Woman In The World" I've ever seen. Watch what Aneta Florczyk does in this video.

Here's more about her from her website:

Aneta Florczyk comes from hamlet near Malbork, where can be found about 16 houses. Living in that place, she had no opportunities for bright future. The only one way of spending free time for youths were discos in the nearby village. Very soon ( in the age of sixteen) Aneta decided to pull away from there at any price. Her vocation wasn’t leading the life in a village. Before she landed up in the gym, she’d tried shooting sport. At the first sight, it seemed that Aneta hadn’t enough abilities to train strength sports. But her stubbornness and determination caused that good results appeared very soon. In the age of sixteen, weight about 60 kilos, Aneta began to start in powerlifting and benchpress. The effects were quite good, but the first year of trainings was dedicated to improve the technique and general development on the first place. After the year, when Aneta had generally good preparations, she started exercises with much bigger weights. It was mostly strength training, however we still emphasized efficiency, speed, fitness by developing all groups of muscles. For 3 years Aneta had been training powerlifting, 13 times winning Polish Championship in powerlifting and benchpress in all age categories. She competed Junior World Championship and in 2000 she became Europe’s Senior Vice-Champion (Luxembourg). Aneta, as the first Pole, pushed back the magic barrier of 500 kilos in powerlifting during Polish Championship in Bydgoszcz in 2001, where she reached 507,5 kilos. She has also, as a firs and up till now the only one Pole, crossed the barrier of 200 kilos in deadlift, with the result of 213 kilos in 2001 (Bydgoszcz). It was Europe’s Junior record at that time.

It was thought that Aneta could be one Pole who is able to fight for medals in senior age category in powerlifting during international competitions and get results over 600 kilos. Yet, owing to the situation in Polish Union of Bodybuilding and Powerlifting (Polski Zwiazek Kulturystyki i Trojboju Silowego) and incompetence of the chairman as well as the whole board, Aneta decided to change the discipline because, as she said, she couldn’t find further possibilities of development and cooperation in this Union. Then she took up weightlifting. She had lots of power and fantastic genetic conditions so it was only the matter of technique - after only few months Aneta titled Polish Junior Champion in weightlifting, got into the National Team, started in Europe’s Junior Championships (Nauro, Italy) and inside the year she became Polish Senior Vice Champion (in weightlifting, of course). In this discipline Aneta mostly started in weight category to 69 kilos.

After ending 2002 competing-season, for making the trainings more varied Aneta began using equipment typical to strongwoman competitions. The results after some first training were incredibly better than I expected. It started simply, from some scores better than informal world’s record, for instance in farmer’s walk, yoke and log lift.

Strongwoman seemed to be created for Aneta - she finally could fully use her sports abilities, such as great power, speed, perfect technique, strength and will to fight.

Aneta not only liked very much those trainings but also competitions as well, which are more interesting and thrilling than powerlifting. So we decided to focus on strongwoman and those other disciplines are treated as a variety of exercises.

Aneta’s career in Strongwoman is continuous success. Oh, maybe without her first European Championships (July 2003), when she was fourth, losing only one point to the bronze medal - she paid for being novice, since the opponents were more experienced and older. Moreover, she fell down during yoke, losing both points and time (so important in general classification). Yet, after the next contest - World’s Strongest Woman (Zambia, September 2003) - Aneta’s never missed first place, wining all another editions of World and European Championships. One of the biggest successes was wining with world’s twice champion - Jill Mills.

Aneta, rich in experience from numerous starts in competitions and sports shows, in 2005 set up own firm “Aneta-Strong” which organizes sports events. The most meaningful achievement of ‘Aneta-Strong” is organizing individual World Strongwoman Championship in 2006.

In the age of 24 Aneta became the most titled polish sportswoman from those who practice power sports. She says that sport isn’t only her job, but first of all - her hobby and the trainings are still pleasant for her. Owing to starting in many contests Aneta was able to visit a lot of exotic places and meet interesting people. Furthermore, she’d won a great deal of sports plebiscites. She also supports some charities.

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