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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kira Neuman's New Blog and Website kiraneuman.com

Kira Neuman's New Blog and Website kiraneuman.com

Kira Neuman has a new blog and website at http://www.kiraneuman.com Pay a visit as it has a lot of information on her doings in the FBB world.

Mike of MuscleMayhem Gives His View of The Ms International Held Earlier This Year

Mike of MuscleMayhem Gives His View of The Ms International Held Earlier This Year

I thought this was an interesting take to share with the audience here.

Well, as stated an hour before the end of the Ms. International Bodybuilding Show, Yaxeni was given the nod for first place. She was clearly in the best shape of her life, with hamstrings that had the audience gasping in amazement.

I have NEVER seen so many women off their peak at any one show.

Iris was penalized for more than obvious lumps in her rear end and shoulder (it was pretty shocking), Kristi Hawkins Was OFF her Nationals 2007 conditioning, Debbie Lascewski was way OFF her Nationals 2006 victory. (And I love the Kristi and Debbie L physiques.) Colette Nelson was off but had a very cool routine as she usually does. Colette is focusing on the NY Pro and should bring a much tighter package now that she is focused.

Honorable mentions to Cathy Le Francois and Annie Riveccio who both made significant improvements and brought their best packages to date. Cathy had deeply striate glutes and a graceful routine. Cathy was just off the hook with her conditioning and attitude on stage. She was robbed and should have placed a lot higher than where she did.

Annie increased her bicep and shoulder size to match her legs - and her stage presence was great. She has broken through the 'shy' barrier. If she can come in a little dryer/a little more conditioned, Annie would consistently place in the top 5 at any show.

As for Iris Kyle-
I've heard she was disqualified and I've heard she was penalized. Either way, Iris had MAJOR knots in the shoulders and glutes. What they were I can only guess, but it was enough for audience members to talk about them and for the judges to deem her not 'TOP 6' worthy. What does this mean for the future of women's BBing? Only time will tell.

Holly Nicholson In Photoshoot By GeneX

Holly Nicholson, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Bud Light Beer star Holly Nicholson is captured for posterity in this photoshoot taken in Las Vegas by GeneX.

Annie Rivieccio and Kira Neuman Bed Jump In Vegas

Party in the Room!, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Who says female bodybuilders don't have all the fun. They're doing it in this picture taken by GeneX at a hotel at the NPC Las Vegas female bodybuilding contest (ok, there's male, too, but we don't care about that). The photo has Annie Rivieccio and Kira Neuman jumping on the beds in their room!

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