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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Female Bodybuilding legend Hannie Van Aken is back!

GeneX has a good short interview with this body building legend Hannie Van Aken, who once had the greatest legs in the World!

Sarah Hayes at the New Metroflex Gym in Plano!

The music's awful, but Sarah's workout makes it bearable.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Elena Seiple FBB (video)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Catherine Skelly - FBB

Sunday, July 26, 2009

KO introduces herself

KO destroys the watermelon

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Erin Andrews peephole tape draws Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Beisner

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The search trend that will not die, "Erin Andrews peephole tape" just drew in its latest mainstream media victim of the drug of titillation, Bill O'Reilly, then for good measure, Jason Witlock of the Kansas City Star unwittingly throws Michelle Beisner into the mix. 

Now, Michelle Beisner's the top search on Google Trends because of the Erin Andrews peep show video scandal, Witlock digging up that story, and the male desire to see her, too, (90 percent of my 34,000 video viewers - as of this writing - on this matter are men) and Bill O'Reilly has the nerve to bring two more blondes on his show to talk about a blonde, Erin Andrews, who's privacy was violated, and show the offending video mainly because CBS decided to do it first within the mainstream media camp!  Oh brother.

Plus, what we have is a great case of racial profiling.  

My video on this matter (which has one very cool photo of Erin Andrews just being the normal person she is and using an Apple MacBook) of the CBS action stands:

And regarding, Bill O'Reilly, I will add more.  First, I did  not embed the video of Bill's show for obvious reasons, but for those who feel I should at least reference it, here it is - LINK - within a great blog post by Will Brinson at FanHouse, who takes the popular conservative hothead to task for his segment. Second, I'll go a few steps beyond where he went. 

What Bill O'Reilly does is add sauce to the "Erin goose" by inviting Fox News.com correspondent Courtney Friel and Fox News assignment editor and blogger Jane Skinner on, both blonde and famous for errors of a titillating nature.  In Skinner's case, she's known for mistakenly saying "top cock" rather than "top cop" twice in a Fox News broadcast, leading to a yet another viral video on YouTube. Friel's claim to fame is posing in a bikini for the soft-porn magazine Maxim.  Gawker discovered the photos after Friel removed them from her website.  Then, Gawker's Ryan Tate (who's now the editor of Valleywag) wrote a new post about her pictures, calling her a "bonehead" in the process.

Bonehead? Bonehead? That is racial profiling, folks, piling on the classic "dumb blonde" image, but more on that later; O'Reilly uses titillation to talk about, well, titillation.  What was done shows the primal genius of Fox News and explains why their ratings are so high.  Bill's 100 percent correct that what was done to Erin - and I stand corrected that it was in a hotel room and not an athletic club as I reported - is cyberstalking.

But given that the audience for this news is male, Bill should have had Fox News male anchors on his show talking about the matter, and not Jane Skinner and Courtney Friel.  Why?  Because first, it would send a message that men in media have a level of respect for their female collegues, second, the obvious question given the backgrounds of Frier and Skinner is "Have you been cyberstalked?" but Bill didn't even go in that direction and thus had the wrong guests on.  He focused squarely on the view that a crime was committed - and he's right - and that's it.  But in fashioning the segment O'Reilly caused a "snails tail" relationship: we talk about the blonde with blondes who have the same level of Internet popularity as the blonde, just like  Michelle Beisner. 


Michelle Beisner's described by Witlock as "former Denver Broncos cheerleader and aspiring D-list Hollywood actress-type. Blonde. White Woman" (but forgot to note, or perhaps didn't care to discover, or didn't see it as important that Beisner's an NFL Network correspondent) who's innocent reply to a text sent by ESPN's star anchor Stuart Scott (who's black) was picked up by an over-the-shoulder peering Al Daulerio - a sports blogger and editor with Gawker media product Deadspin - at a Super Bowl party, then was repeated by Daulerio  in Deadspin.

The result was to imply that Scott and Beisner were having an affair as opposed to what commonly happens in the days leading up to a Super Bowl (I've been to seven of 'em): the late night search for a way to get into the next party and go all night long.  I'd bet even money that's what the text was about; Beisner may have contacted her friend, the well-connected Scott, who's married, regarding help getting into another party.

Deadspin has never appologized for the blog post.

While Witlock is correct in bring up how Deadspin poorly handled that story as well as  how Deadspin started reporting on the Andrews video, Witlock's depiction of Andrews and Beisner (Andrews as "Barbie" and Beisner as "D-list...Blonde. White Woman" rather than NFL Network correspondent) is tasteless and smacks of the same racial profiling we complain about as African Americans. (And I will follow up later, on regarding what happened to Professor Henry Louis "Skip" Gates at the hands of the Cambridge Police.)

No one wants to be placed in a box where they're expected to be a certain way because of their race and sex.  Just because someone's white and blonde doesn't mean they don't know anything; in my experience, perhaps as a reaction to society, it's the reverse.  I had a long tearful talk a while back with a friend of mine who's in San Francisco real estate (and blonde, and tall, and attractive, and smart) about this because she'd had it with people at the time and went on a drinking binge.  (She's fine now.)

It doens't matter if the person's white and blonde, or black and male, we as a World industrial society must stop placing them in a box assuming that they're dumb or dangerous.  Bill O'Reilly did this, Jason Witlock really did it, the Cambridge police "acted stupidly" (to quote President Obama), and Erin Andrews and Professor Gates have been the victims of it.

Enough, already.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kristi Bruce bicep concentration curls

Kristi Bruce is a new star on the scene who seems to have been discovered by Tre at FemFlex. More here:

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Shawna Walker at FTVideo.com

From her website:


My name is Shawna Walker. I was born on April 20,1977 and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. I am currently living in central CA. I received my BS Degree in Kinesiology, with a minor in Nutrition for Athletic Performance from San Jose State University in 2001. I am currently working as a Nationally Certified Personal Fitness Expert/Nutritionist in Stockton, CA. In addition, I provide private training and nutritional counseling.

Tracy Chenault-Shank - FBB

Tracy Chenault-Shank, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

2008 North American Championships
Figure: Figure 35+
2006 Europa NPC Super Show
Figure: Class A (Place: 10)
Figure: Masters (Place: 13)

Monday, May 04, 2009

New TV Show by Zennie62's On BART and Oscar Grant

On Saturday, May 2nd, my new television show starts. It's called "The Blog Report With Zennie62" and features the use of my video blogs in a weekly 30-minute format broadcast and co-produced by CoLoursTV in Denver. The start time is 3:30 PM Pacific Time, 6:30 PM Eastern Time and the show is replayed at 11:30 PM and 2:30 PM respecfully.

If you don't have a TV you can see the live stream at CoLoursTV.org. or Zennie62.com

The first show focused on selected events that occured after the shooting of Oscar Grant by BART Officer Johannes Mesherle on New Year's Day. It opens with my walk through a riot-ravaged downtown Oakland where I talked with many people about what happened, including a group of kids who were some of the rioters. Then we focus on the words of "DaveyD", America's foremost hiphop reporter and voice of the street, who shares his observations of how Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums handled the situation. And finally we hear from Dellums himself. This is not the last time I will visit this issue, but it's a good place to start the show.

The standard format is to present politics, news, sports, and tech in some combination for each show. Sometimes it's me talking about an issue; other times it's me talking to someone else, and with this show we will feature the work of other video-bloggers. It's a vloggers' playground.

The show will have a deliberate vlogger feel. Videos that you see on my channels at YouTube, Blip.tv, and other places make up the show. There's no studio; the camcorder is the star instrument. That means we can go anywhere at anytime and quickly make a video. It also means I can share what's happening in the news on the blogsphere in video form and show it on "The Blog Report". A lot of ground we can cover considering I never dreamed of having my own television show, but this whole road I've taken has been totally unplanned by me.

"The Blog Report" all started last year when I met Art Thomas who's the Executive Vice President with CoLoursTV at a media walk-through for the Democratic National Convention in Denver. He lived in Oakland before moving to Denver and so we had a lot to talk about. I was looking for a sponsor for our show at the time, so I sent a proposal to Thomas. That exchange turned into an idea for placing our videos on CoLoursTV and that became the concept called "The Blog Report With Zennie62".

Our first concern was how to get the videos up on television without a loss of at least the quality that is seen on Blip.tv and Viddler, which have the sharpest video uploads (that written, I love YouTube and the quality's really improved over time such that it's competitive with the two, but YouTube's best system is the website design and its "viral" nature as well as The YouTube Partner program.) I think we solved that problem and I understand the TV version looks even better than what you're going to see here.

I look forward to your feedback and questions. We're seeking sponsors and there are some organizations we simply want to establish strategic partnerships with, so please contact me. The possibilities for this are many and should serve as an example for a possble future for newspapers as well.

If you're a video-blogger located anywhere in the World and have material that's not longer than 4 minutes tops, notify me via email at zennie@sportsbusinesssims.com and we'll go from there. I prefer the video is already uploaded on some site, Brightcove, Blip.tv, YouTube, etc, so I can see it.

I wish to thank Art Thomas, Damon Purdy, and Tracy Winchester of CoLours TV, as well as Steve and Bernard who made me look good in the promo. I also wish to thank Google / YouTube for their support and encouragement and specifically Chad, Emily, and Hunter. A big loud shot-out to the iReport team at CNN: Lila, Henry, Rachel, David, Nicole Saldi, and the rest. And thanks to the team at CNN Special Projects, Errol and Jessica, and to Roland Martin and his staff at CNN for discovering me. Finally, thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle for seeing the value in how I do what I'm doing and providing a platform. To the National Football League and Commissioner Roger Goodell, Greg Aiello, and Frank Supovitz ("Mr. Super Bowl") And of course, thanks to my Mom and my relatives in Chicago and Tennessee.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Joni Nielsen By GeneX

the awesome Joni Nielsen, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

GeneX does another fantastic job of creating amazing images of female bodybuilders. This one of Joni Nielsen is no exception. Here's her contest history, courtesy of Body Building Weekly :

2008 NPC USA Figure Contest Preview
2008 NPC Oregan Ironman Contest Report
2008 NPC Emerald Cup Contest Report
2008 NPC Emerald Cup Contest Preview

Contest History:

2008 NPC USA Championships
Figure: Class D

2008 NPC Oregon Ironman
Figure: 5'5" to under 5'6" (1st)

2008 NPC Emerald Cup
Figure: Class D (5th)

2007 NPC Northern Classic
Figure: Medium (3rd)

2007 NPC Washington Ironman
Figure: Class C (1st)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Blast from the early '90's...Carey Hensley

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Mavi Gioia is Female Muscle In Italian Package

Mavi Giola is a famous Italian female bodybuilder featured in this video by HD Physiques:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fox News' Female Short Skirts Get Ratings Over CNN

For the first time, according to Nielsen, CNN came in third place in cable news program ratings behind Fox and MSNBC. CNN had 1.14 million viewers in March, compared with 1.16 million for MSNBC and 2.3 million for Fox News. Some say the reason is Fox is conservative; it's really their focus on women anchors with short skirts.

So Fox could be liberal as heck and still have the same ratings if they had the same "sex sells" strategy. There have been a lot of Fox female anchors doing the showing of a lot of leg: E.D. Hill, Ainsley Earhardt , Linda Vester, Gretchen Carlson, and Catherine Herridge to name some of them.

That's a lot of women, and I'm sure I've left someone's name off the list without intention. The point is, it's too much of a habit to ignore, thus it's part of the high ratings, because it builds expectations that a viewer will see women in short skirts, especially in the morning.

Is this a bad thing? Well, yes and no. Look, we can't deny that above all else, television is a visual medium. It's not radio at all. So people react to what they see. Moreover, we're wired to reproduce -- people forget that -- so visual cues that appeal to our sexual nature will get more attention than those that don't.

That's a fact.

I can't blame Fox for this. But I can blame Fox for coupling it with some lame reporting. Much of it's so biased I don't watch it at all. I flip between CNN and MSNBC. And CNN has some attractive female anchors, but they don't present them like Fox does. If they did, I hate to write this, but CNN would overtake Fox for the ratings lead.

The question is will they do this?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alina Popa Leg Lift

Alina Popa leg presses a man. You can hear her talking with that slavic accent as she lifts him up and down with ease. Funny in a way.

The Evolution Of Female Muscle

An interesting video. Here's the description: Females are made a dramatic change by gaining muscle and losing the body fat.In past people believed that female muscle was ugly and that women could not build strong bodys , but now they are indeed becoming bigger and physically stronger with last 3 passing decade, more than that ,fit and strong females are generally considered more attractive. Wider shoulders, stronger arms hips ,legs, larger rib cage Amazing how far they have come in such a short time.

Tre Scott Shows Us How To Be A Schmoe

Female bodybuilder photographer and businessman Tre Scott shows us what being a Schmoe is all about in this video series. Now, what a Schmoe is, I have no idea. You have to ask Tre.

Katka Kyptova - New Female Bodybuilder added to HDPhysiques!

This is Katka Kyptova at http://www.katkakyptova.com/ and the video was made at the 2009 Arnold Classic. But I have to ask, was she paid for this? What's the rate? I'd prefer some talking -- you know, an interview. The music is cool, however.

Teresa O'Brien flexing her muscular legs - Where is She Now?

Female bodybuilder Teresa O'Brien shows off her outstanding leg development. This was created several years ago. Where is she now? Does anyone know?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Salla Kauranen Flexes Bicep!

Salla Kauranen candid, originally uploaded by amproshoot.

Salla Kauranen

Monica Nakatsuka Shows Arms on www.FTVideo.com

More on Monica here > Monica!!

Monica Nakatsuka on www.FTVideo.com

Name: Monica Nakatsuka
E-mail: moneeka04@msn.com
Age: 26
Where: Indianapolis, Indiana
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 141 Lbs.
Years Bodybuilding: 5
Favorite Bodypart: Abs
Favorite Exercise: Lunges

Alisha Morrow Holding Up Building on ftvideo.com

More on Alisha Morrow at HD Physiques. Her legs are incredible!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kristen Curlee Flexes Biceps

Click here for More on Kristen Curlee

Kristen Curlee Shows Hard Legs In Short Skirt on genexmagazine.com

She's a 25-year old bodybuilder who apparently was "discovered" at the Arnold Classic of two weekends ago. There's little information other than what is on Gene's site and that's just a photo.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Arnold Amateur BB Champion Elena Shportun


Video collage of the Russian beauty.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Katka Kyptova By GeneX On FTVideo.com

GeneX captures Katka Kyptova while visiting the Arnold Classic. You can see Katka's website here: http://www.katkakyptova.com Here's some of her basic information from the site:

Name: Katka Kyptová
Born: 9/19/1983
Hometown: Mladá Boleslav (Czech Republic)
Height: 5'5 /168cm
Contest/offseason Weight: 138.9lbs /169.7lbs
Hobbies: BB and fitness, powerlifting, walking, MTB, in-lines, beach volleyball, swimming, dancing, traveling, meeting new friends, ráda cooking, i study alternative medicine, aromatherapy, languages (German, English, French), nutrition
What i like: i love sun, good mood and fine people around me,i like doing show, give smiles and positivism…i like staying in my bed, i love poems, citations, love stories, surprise, romance…flowers and animals
How i relax: i like massages, staying in a sauna,or a salt cave, drinking wine with friends, walking in nature

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Isabelle Turell on Local NBC Affiliate News

Friday, February 27, 2009

Joanne Stewart on New Zealand TV


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kim Perez Shows Super Woman Form

untitled4, originally uploaded by Iron Ladies.

Janeen Lankowski : FBBDoes The Splits

muscle babe, originally uploaded by amproshoot.
Wow, Janeen Lankowski shows why she's one of the best fbb's on the planet. Super thigh development.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gale Frankie @ the 2007 NPC Nationals - Dallas, TX, USA

Gale Frankie is a total package of beauty and muscularity. What she's looking up at, I have no ides.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Great Traps and Most Musculars of Female Bodybuilders

Some of the best traps and most muscular poses in female bodybuilding.

Subjects and Credits:
(in order of appearance)

Rebekah Kresila (TheValkyrie.com)
Amy Schmid (HerBiceps.com)
Elena Seiple (HerMuscles.com)
Unknown (HerBiceps.com)
Cindy Phillips (HerBiceps.com)
Cindy Phillips (HerMuscles.com)
Cindy Phillips (HerBiceps.com)
Cindy Phillips
Kim Kilper
Jennifer Broomfield (FemFlex.com)
Jessica Work (HerMuscles.com)
Steph Park
Steph Park
Steph Park
Steph Park
Lindsey Cope (HerBiceps.com)
Lindsey Cope (HerBiceps.com)
Aleesha Young
Megan Abshire
Megan Abshire (MuscleAngels.com)
Kira Neuman (FTVideo.com)
Debra Haley

Tina Lockwood FBB Shows Biceps In White Dress

lockwood10, originally uploaded by larry1031.

This photo of legendary FBB Tina Lockwood is awesome in that it shows her incredible combination of feminity and muscularity. I understand she dropped out of the scene, but no one seems to know why.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Christine Moore FBB Legs '05

TomNine: "A leg-centric clip from my shoot with Christine Moore in beautiful off-season shape at the 2005 Arnold weekend."

Thursday, January 01, 2009

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