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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Monday, May 10, 2010

Megan Avalon: Pamela Sue Anderson and female bodybuilder in one

Megan Avalon 
After her win in the Sports Division of the 2010 Silver and Black Classic, Marin County Personal Trainer Megan Avalon is a major step closer to to objective of getting out the message that a woman can be both obviously strong and muscular, and beautiful and sexy. Think Pamela Sue Anderson and Barbie.

With the guidance of her trainer Jennifer Cowan, a professional bodybuilding legend, Megan Avalon has worked to hone and refine her amazing look.

Megan's one part Pamela Sue Anderson, another part Barbie, mixed with Jillian Michaels and female bodybuilder. It's just a matter of time before she's discovered and not just for her looks, but because she's well spoken. Megan talks very well on the mic, on video, and in person.

This space has helped promote Megan and sponsors her on Zennie62.com; not agents but major league fans. Megan's objective fit right in line with a long-held desire this blogger has had to alter and change how society thinks about women going all the way back to 2003 and really beyond that point in time.

Megan should be on the cover of The Sports Illustrated Women's Swimsuit Edition or at least right there with Brooklyn Decker.  (Now if we can only get Dan Patrick to speak up!)

In the past, women with muscles have been shunned and women's bodybuilding thought of as a "strange" practice and not even a sport. But the slowly advancing industrial society, in expanding labor, education, and athletic opportunities for women gave rise to the strong woman, almost before fashion and image arbiters could catch up.

Brandi Chastain

Now, thanks to Nike and Brandi Chastain's amazing and iconic moment, that's where we are at today. A total disconnect between the true image of women and that in the World of fashion.

Megan Avalon can bring those Worlds together. The image that needs to be seen is the one she has. Most modeling agencies have pushed the opposite: someone who looks like Megan but is skinny and weak. All agencies except for one: Wilhelmina International, Inc.

Last year, Wilhelmina International, Inc. partnered with Shape and Men’s Fitness magazines (both owned by American Media) and started a contest to find the best male and female fit models.

And while Megan Avalon did not know about the contest to enter it and win, the simple fact that such a legendary modeling organization as Wilhelmina would look for women with muscle as a look to promote is a major step forward in fashion. It's only a matter of time before Megan is recognized as the best fit woman model in America.

Megan is using a number of methods to advance her image, from websites and blogs to bodybuilding contests and webcam shows. The combination is building a fanbase that can lead to movies and video games.

Yes, movies and video games. Megan's look means numbers and as her popularity grows her value as a celebrity image for entertainment platforms increases too. The 2010 WonderCon was a hotbed for images of strong women in comic books and in movies like Kick-Ass, who's most popular character is a young woman who's not afraid to, well, kick-ass.

Megan's path is like that of Pamela Sue Anderson: from modeling to acting and movies. But the difference is Megan's promoting what it means to be very healthy, very strong, and very female.

Megan Avalon's website MeganAvalon.net will be finished soon.

Megan Avalon wins Silver and Black Contest in Oakland

The Silver and Black Bodybuilding Contest was held on Saturday, April 27th at Fremont High School in Oakland, CA. Megan entered and won the "Sports Division" of the contest. Her goals were to have tight legs and even tighter for her next shows, which comes with "More intense training and dieting."

Megan wants to thank everyone for coming to the show and cheering her on.

Megan Avalon Female Bodybuilder Webcam

Super Female Bodybuilder Megan Avalon shows what it's like to see her from "webcam view." Megan calls herself "Barbie with Muscles" and just won the Sports Model Division of The Silver and Black Classic.

Megan Avalon's 24 years old and an all-natural female bodybuilder. She's also a friend who's helping Zennie62.com grow in views as it expands to a full news site.

On top of being a champion bodybuilder, Megan's a nice person and a great personal trainer, model and speaker. Megan works for the San Francisco Bay Area Gold's Gym Franchise. Her website, MeganAvalon.net, is coming soon.

Visit the new Zennie62.com

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