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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Driving Through Tornado - Like Storm Conditions In Suburban Atlanta, Geo...

California has its Earthquakes, but Georgia and The South have its storms. This blogger used to think that it was better to be in a storm than in an earthquake, because at least you could go away from the storm and knew it was coming. Not on Sunday.

After dropping my Mother at Atlanta International Airport, I drove back home and unknowingly into a major, severe storm. While weather reports warned of "severe" thunderstorms, the location and timing were not known to me.

So, I got a massive surprise in the form of winds up to 60 mph, and a large, dark set of clouds approaching, then looming over me as I rushed to get home.

As the video shows, the storm was an experience. What I hate are how traffic lights don't seem to be aware of weather conditions, the timing's the same all the time and they blow in the wind.

What was most disconcerting was the storm didn't seem to head in the direction it was initially going in.

But, with all the craziness and frantic traffic, I made it home.

I later learned that the same storm left trees down and over 59,000 people without power.

Stay tuned.

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