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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Friday, February 17, 2012

Anna Watson Cheerleader: Female Muscle, Not Steroids

Anna Watson Cheerleader: Female Muscle, Not Steroids. Anna Watson is a (as of this writing) junior cheerleader at the University of Georgia who took up weightlifting, and developed a healthy addiction to it. So much so that she added 4 inches of muscle to her arms in just 10 months of training, and can reportedly bench press 155 pounds, squat 215 pounds, and deadlift 230 pounds.

Three months ago from the time of this video, the photo that's the thumbnail of this video hit the Internet, and went viral. The picture of this obviously strong and very lovely cheerleader caught the attention of Women's Bodybuilding fans around the World. Eventually, Anna became so popular that she was able to score an appearance on Good Morning America, and on Inside Edition, but with a story.

Anna explains that she was offered a $75,000 modeling contract with Elite Model Management in Paris. The problem is the reported representatives of the organization asked her to take Anavar, a legal anabolic steroid. After some soul searching, Anna, a devout Christian, turned down the contract offer, and elected to stay the course and become a personal trainer.

There are some who question Anna's story, saying that Elite would never offer a contract to her, and that she was covering up for a boyfriend who was injecting her. I don't think that's the case at all.

I think someone tried to work a deal to represent Anna and her image, and pretended to represent the Elite Model Management organization - in other words, someone was trying to scam her into being an "image slave." That's my term for women bodybuilders who contract with one person, generally a man, who then tells them they can't have anyone else work with them, or take their photo, or anything without that person's permission. It's generally a terrible situation that many women bodybuilders fall into when they're young and just getting started. I think someone was trying to scam Anna in that way, and she didn't go for it, but not for that reason.

Anna's a lovely woman who can make her own money off her body any way she chooses to. Moreover, Ms. Watson's already at a great place in her body type where she is the perfect combination of muscle and beauty. She really doesn't need any more muscle at all.

If Anna wanted to, she could have her own webcam or do her own deals with car dealers, or fitness facilities, or all of the above. She really doesn't need a manager who's just going to try and control her and also not know what he's doing in the process. I said "he" - she's better off working with a woman: someone like Melissa Detwiller, who set the standard for women bodybuilders managing the business of their own images.

It will be interesting to see what Anna does with her newly developed fame. Stay tuned.

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