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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Caitlin Fairchild - "Kristy Hawkins-Like" Woman Superhero Shows Popularity Of Women With Muscle

I just stumbled on a cartoon of Caitlin Fairchild, a cartoon woman superhero that according to Wikipedia..

"was affected by her gen-factor causing her mass to increase and her muscle density to grow exponentially. This gives her incredible strength and durability as well as increased stamina and agility. She has confronted and been able to hold her own against some of the strongest heroes and villains in the Wildstorm universe. Her gen-factor also eventually expressed superhuman reflexes—above the human maximum, but not extremely so. The gen-factor also had the effect of turning a plain looking girl into what many consider an anatomically disproportionate yet beautiful woman, a fact which continues to evade her somehow."

For some reason, Caitlin Fairchild reminds me of Kristy Hawkins -- pictured in Warrior garb -- because of her scientific background and her "powers." Maybe Kristy could play her in a live-action show. Or maybe someone could make an animated show about Kristy. Apparently from the looks of this photo, someone already got a good start:


Here's the Caitlin Fairchild transformation video.

Four Female Bodybuilders JOANNA THOMAS - LINDSAY MULINAZZI - PAM HOWARD - BETTY VIANA posing in New York

I just found this video of four Female Bodybuilders (JOANNA THOMAS - LINDSAY MULINAZZI - PAM HOWARD - BETTY VIANA ) posing in Midtown Manhattan. It was done by AWEFILMS just last year, but it's the first I've seen of it. It's on a video-distribution system called Metacafe.com

Female Muscle Streets Trailer - video powered by Metacafe

Kristy Hawkins Talks With FTVideo About Her CalTech Work

Popular Female Bodybuilder Kristy Hawkins, whom you last saw here as a "Warrior" sits down to talk with James Cook at FTVideo about her PhD work at CalTech in bioengineering. Here's the video:

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Strongwomen.com: A Website Dedicated To Developing Strong Women Inside and Out

I found this website called Strongwomen at www.strongwomen.comwhere the message of its home page is...

"StrongWomen envisions a worldwide community of women who are fit, strong, and healthy; in turn, these empowered women will become positive agents of change for their families, communities, and beyond."

It does this via newsletters, message boards, and various ways to connect with a group of female doctors representing various fields of medicine. It even has receipes that look just plain good. For example, there's Chunky Vegetable Paella , a dish I can -- and will try -- and I'm a guy! It goes like this:

Chunky Vegetable Paella:

This paella recipe will please vegetarians and meat-eaters alike! It can be served as a vegetarian main course with a mixed green salad and crusty bread. Or serve as a side dish with grilled, skewered shrimp or chicken. Serves 6.

(For more deliciously nutritious recipes, be sure to go to Recipes.)


8-10 strands Saffron

1 medium eggplant, cut into ¾ inch chunks

1 tsp. salt

6 T. olive oil

1 large onion, sliced

3 cloves garlic, crushed

1 medium yellow pepper, sliced in 1" pieces

1 medium red pepper, sliced in 1" pieces

2 tsp. paprika

1 ¼ c. Arborio rice

3 ½ c. chicken or vegetable stock

1 lb. tomatoes, fresh, chopped

pinch ground black pepper

6 oz. mushrooms, fresh, cut into chunks

15 oz. garbanzo beans (chickpeas), with liquid

Steep saffron in 3 T. hot water. Sprinkle eggplant with salt, leave to drain in colander for 30 minutes, then rinse and dry

In a large pan, heat olive oil and sauté garlic, onions, peppers and eggplant for about 5 minutes. Add paprika and stir.

Mix in rice then add stock, tomatoes, saffron and black pepper. Bring to a boil; simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in mushrooms and garbanzo beans. Simmer 15 minutes more until liquid is absorbed. Stir as needed.

Nutritional information per serving (1 ½ cup):

360 calories
11.8 g total fat
1.8 g saturated fat

55 g carbohydrate
7.7 g protein
7.2 g fiber

2 Grain, 1 Protein, 2 Vegetable, 1 Extra

But beyond the food, there are sections on books and advice, and a place where you can sign up to establish a Strongwoman program in your area.

What is the Strongwoman Program? Well, the website explains that potential leaders are "trained on the exercise program itself as well as how to effectively instruct and assist participants in learning the exercises. Additionally, the workshop will cover all topics found in the Toolkit such as screening, safety, and effective leadership. Program leaders will be given guidance on how to schedule their programs, discuss space and equipment needs, and strategize about issues such as transportation and gaining local support and funding. Following the workshop, sites/program leaders will then be required to initiate at least one program in their community."

Check it out. I especially recommend FBBs to do this program as local leaders as its seems to be a perfect way to use personal training talents to help others and gain more clients!

Amy Neal Gaining Fans From Miami Performance

Fresh from her performance at the NPC Miami Nationals, Amy Neal's gained a new following as shown by her thread on the GeneX Message Boards. Look for more of Amy Neal in the future.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cindy Phillips FBB - 2004

cindy, originally uploaded by pisadinho2.

This photo was taken in 2004, and is yet another example of how muscle and beauty are one in many female bodybuilders like Cindy Phillips

Colette Nelson, Mimi Jabalee, and Amanda Dunbar At The Miami NPC Afterparty

This photo of Colette Nelson, Mimi Jabalee, and Amanda Dunbar was taken by Gene X Hwang at the afterparty for the Miami NPC Women's Bodybuilding Championships. What I like about this photo is that it captures the personalities of each woman on one shot: Colette the showwoman, Mimi thoughful, Amanda caring. It is posted on Amanda Dunbar's website, which has more photos of the event and even Mimi and Amanda in their hotel room.

Cindy Phillips, FBB - A FTvideo Photo

Fresh from setting a personal best bench press of 205 pounds five times, it's easy to forget that female bodybuilder Cindy Phillips -- like many female bodybuilders -- is also a beautful woman. This is for all of the comments from men who may be a little intimidated or just plain vexed over the emerging strong woman. Here's Cindy.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Beth Horn To Make A Comeback To BB At 30

As reported at Unrealmuscle, Beth Horn is making a comback at age 30. Here's more info about Beth from her website:

Beth A. Horn...

Professional Fitness Competitor / Weider Endorsed Athlete / Model / Personal Trainer

December 2

Favorite Music:

Michelle Branch, Avril Lavenge; 'Let Go', Bruce Springsteen; 'The Rising', U2; ‘The Best 1990-2000’, Bob Marley's 'Legend', Jimi Hendrix; ‘Experienced’

Favorite Hobbies:

Dancing, working out, traveling, gymnastics, beach volleyball, movies, reading, walking my dogs, dinner with friends & family

Favorite Motto:

You can do anything you put your mind to!
Live to workout. Workout to live.


I would describe myself as loving, friendly, passionate, energetic & compassionate.

Philosophy on Fitness:

I believe our body is an exceptional gift from God. We need to love and care for our body, because we only get one. If you feel good on the outside, it is automatically easier to feel better on the inside. A healthy, balanced lifestyle is vital for a long, wonderful, fulfilling life.

Career Highlight:

Winning the overall title at the National Fitness Championships in New York, November 11, 2000.

Kristy Hawkins As Warrior

This is from Kristy Hawkins' blog

"So yesterday I did a photoshoot with a fashion photographer from the gym (Roberto Flores, http://www.robertophotoatelier.com/). After 3 hours of hair, make-up, wardrobe, many more hours of shooting, and obviously photoshop (on his part), here is the first sample shot.

This armor was actually from the movie Alexander although it is being held together with rubber bands here! We also did a silver dress/boots/sword combo (think Fembot from Austin Powers) and black bikini, all with the warrior theme."

All I can say is "Wow!"

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

VMI Cheerleader Fight; Headlock Defines 21st Century Woman

This photo of VMI Cheerleader and the YouTube video of her in the middle of a fight during the VMI-Citadel game, has captured the imagination of America and defined the 21st Century woman.

It's a great example of what an episode of "Kate On Sports" called "Women And Muscle" was trying to explain, that society has made room for women to have muscle, but it's also given a space for women to use that muscle. This is a great example of that observation.

A search for "VMI Cheerleader" reveals over 24,000 results for a search on Google. Why is this event so fascinating to America, if not the industrialized world? Judging by some of the blog comments, it seems to be a mesh between two very primal scenes: one sexual: a blonde cheerleader, and the other physical: her placing a cadet in a headlock.

The other related attraction is that this "little blonde girl" or "Buffy The Cadet Slayer" who's been "going to the gym" as some have described her, actually took on one of the basic symbols of masculinity and male power, the military man.

She not only took him on, she threw him down as the video below will show. But in tossing him aside and to the turf, she may -- in one fell swoop -- may have slam-dunked hundreds of years of "weak-woman" stereotypes. I should add that if you look at the video, the cadet actually was thrown with such force, he turned over in a body-roll on the ground once before stopping.

If you think about it, she also may have caused many young women -- especially in college -- to reconsider working out and getting strong as an "ok" thing to do, and thus push American society to a continuation of this redefinition of what it is I'll bet some ad genius out there uses this video as the basis for a campaign of some kind. Just wait.

Meanwhile, just watch...

About New Zealand's FBB, Steph Park

Steph Park is another popular female bodybuilder who's from New Zealand. She just married her trainer and graduated from Teacher's College. Here's more from her website..

I started Bodybuilding in 1998 when I was approached by my trainer Jason Orr about becoming a serious competitor. I have always been involved in athletics mainly soccer but I've left that behind to focus on building a more muscular physique. I have fortunately been able to gain muscle quickly and I intend to push my potential to the maximum, without the use of drugs.

My first taste of competition came in 1999, starting off in a Figure contest and placing third. Also in 1999, I entered a Level 1 Bodybuilding show and won third place again. I decided to take a year off from competing to improve some areas before entering another Level 1 show in 2001. It proved to be beneficial because I won that show. I look forward to entering more competitions in the near future, it is such an amazing experience. It's hard work but very gratifying.

In 2005 I graduated from Teacher's College in Dunedin, New Zealand. I 'm now back in Canada and I am busy with steady supply work from J/K up to grade 6. I look forward to obtaining a full teaching position soon.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cindy Phillips Sets Personal Best 205 Lbs Bench Press Five Times

Cindy Phillips reports from her blog:

"Yesterday I did a personal best on Bench press. I did 205lbs for about 5 reps, 3 all on my own and 2 with a some help from my spotter. I Usually work out by myself and so when i rarely have a spotter ill trust with me, those are the only days i go for the big #'s, most of the time stick to weight i can do pretty easily by myself. I was prety happy with that lift. I'm not a consistent bench press kinda person cauz i usually found it to be so hard. My chest is soooo sore, its brutal."

To put her feat in perspective, New Orleans Saints Running Back Reggie Bush was recorded as bench-pressing 225 lbs 32 times; the best of any running back at the NFL Combine last March. This is also a mark set by many top level NFL players. But it's not something they do each day. Cindy's bench press would place her at least at the bottom part of their class because she does work out to do this level of lifting.

All that, and beauty too!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Jo Stewart Wins New Zealand National Bodybuilding Championship - GeneX

Jo Stewart update!, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

GeneX reports:

Jo Stewart has taken the New Zezland National bodybuilding title for the
fifth time and just got 3rd place at the World Masters Champs in Sicily! Jo
has posted a lot of info on her site at:

Friday, November 24, 2006

Sheila Bleck Posing At The 2006 NPC Nationals In Miami

sbleck, originally uploaded by amproshoot.

Sheila Bleck is shown duing her posing routine at the 2006 NPC Nationals In Miami. She finished in third place in a crowded heavyweight field of star contestants and was one of the favorities to win her class.

Kim Perez Flexes

Love that rock!, originally uploaded by bicepgalfan.

Kim Perez strikes an arresting pose that shows why she's one of the most popular female bodybuilders in America.

Elena Seiple's Memory Of The 2006 NPC Nationals In Miami

This was such a nice and heartfelt post over at GeneX Message Board, I had to post it here for view. The link to the original is the title of this post.

What a GREAT nationals! Let me start by saying that! I felt the show was very well run ...from weigh ins to the finals. It wasn't the best venue that they have had it at but all in all everything went smoothly! Those that run these shows do a fantastic job!

Now...the contest....I want to state here that I was honored to be the first to congratulate DEBI Lazewski on becoming a pro. To take second to a talented and much deserved bodybuilder such as herself was fantastic. Since 1999 when I saw her NOT win I was a fan and have been over the years and she will make a fantastic pro! So CONGRATS to you Debbie! Back stage we knew it was going to be a tough prejudging.... But Debbi I am truly and honestly so HAPPY FOR YOU!!!

Kristy Hawkins...what can I say, just gets better and better every year. Ed and Betty, you did a fantastic job! Congrats! And to you Kristy I was honored to be up there and compared to you as well and compared so thoroughly. The judges did a fantastic job at allowing the LHW class really work for the title. I had the opportunity to converse with Kristy alot as she prepped for the show and if you knew HALF the stuff she was doing with school while training its even more so amazing the conditioning she had on stage.

I have to comment on a few other athletes in my class. Now I didn't know evveryone but everyone seemed great...But I have to make mention of a few as well:

Angie Salvango...you had a great year and its so tough to diet for two shows yet you still looked amazing! Your routine was fun Good luck next year

Holly Gearson....you know I said it to you and to Robin but I was and still am amazed at the changes you made and please do not get discouraged and I want to see you in the top of the class next year!!!!

Last but not least...Amy Neal...Who took 5th in the class....You looked AMAZING!!! I am so happy for you You and your trainer did a fabulous job dialing you in Next year.....

Last but definately not least I have to thank some very very important people in my life who made this nationals the most amazing trip to a national event in my life....

I got in on Wed...came down alone at first. Yet I was taken care of tremendously by two very very important people in my life...Amanda Dunbar and Mimi Jabalee. They went out of their way to take care of me and they did such a wonderful job just doing anything to make sure I didn't stress You guys , I can't say thank you enough and I am so blessed to you have you guys in mylife. SEE YOU IN ATLANTA!!

Justin Harris of TROPONINNUTRITION.com my trainer who has batted 1000 at producing me my 3rd 2nd place finish with him at the helm and my 4th 2nd place finish since 2000. Thank you for your time and your brains

And finally Brad , who was able to join me on Friday, for just supporting me and being there for me and taking care of me Keeping me calm and STRESS FREE !!! You know how much it means to me babe!

I have had such a great time at this show. I am thrilled for all the girls that won!!!! Maybe next time LOL For those of you who know me...know the year that I had prior to this show. I can't complain about what happened in my life , it was a big wakeup call. God just needed to get my attention about a lot of things. Got my head on straight to say the least and allowed me to have a new outlook on life and a new attitude . It carried over into the prep for the nationals and to the show iteself. I surrounded myself by positive people and great friends. I have no regret and am thankful that I had the opportunity to compete. I keep saying God hasn't allowed me to win, to keep me humble! And I can live with that! I have won already in many other ways , I don't need a trophy with first place on it to define my life as a winner!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

2006 Miami Women's NPC - Heavyweight Class Score Sheet

HW, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

This is the Heavyweight Class Score Sheet

2006 Miami Women's NPC - Light Heavyweight Class Score Sheet

LHW, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

This is the score sheet for the Light Heavyweight Class courtesy of GeneX

Monika Wieckowski - Mollica

Monika Mollica, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Monika Wieckowski (Now Mollica) is a Swedish female bodybuilder captured by GeneX while in Miami for the 2006 Women's NPC Championships. The nutritionist has a book available for purchase called "Functional Foods." FitSights has an interview wth this rising star.

Announcing the new Women's Physique World (WPW) site!

Women's Physique World, the legendary magazine that gave many women bodybuilders their first exposure to the public, is back. After being out of print since 1995, it's now an online magazine. Check it out with a click on the title of this post!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lora Ottenad 2006 NPC Champion - Video Of Her Posing

2006 NPC Women's Bodybuilding Champion Lora Ottenad poses here in this video.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Britt Miller At The 2006 Women's NPC Championships

Britt Miller, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Brit Miller, another pre-contest favorite, placed third in the middleweight category.

Kris Murell at The 2006 Women's NPC Championships

6D6E8398, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Kris Murell shows the biceps and muscularity that made her a fan favorite at the show; unfortunately she did not place in a heavily competitive contest.

Winner's List - 2006 Women's NPC National Championship in Miami

Here's the list of winners at the 2006 Women's NPC National Championship in Miami.

Women's Overall Winner:
Lora Ottenad

Earned Pro Card:

Jamie Troxel
Lisa Bickels
Debi Laszewski
Lora Ottenad

1. Lora Ottenad
2. Beverly DiRenzo
3. Sheila Bleck
4. Gale Frankie
5. Theresa Hendricks
NP. Kate Baird
NP. Debbie Baker
NP. Michelle Baker
NP. Sheilahe Brown
NP. Sylvia Cowan
NP. Heather Darling
NP. Geri Deach
NP. Pamela Franklin
NP. Olivia Garner
NP. Nursel Gurler
NP. Jennifer Gutierrez
NP. Tammy Jones
NP. Bettina Kadet
NP. Jody May
NP. Kris Murrell
NP. Gabriella Nicander
NP. Anita Nikolich
NP. Julie Peavey
NP. Ashalyn Porter
NP. Ellen Torrence
Light Heavyweight
1. Debi Laszewski
2. Elena Seiple-Perticari
3. Kristy Hawkins
4. Angie Salvagno
5. Amy Neal
NP. Dana Capobianco
NP. Karen Choat
NP. Kate Cooper
NP. Alison Cosentino
NP. Casey Dougherty
NP. Holly Geersen
NP. Christine Moore
NP. Suha Qasem
NP. Christy Resendes
NP. Pamela Rogers
NP. Melanie Schaper
NP. Wendy Tucker
1. Lisa Bickels
2. Yahaira Agosto
3. Britt Ashley Miller
4. Jennifer Sedia
5. Tina Chandler
NP. Lisa Aranda
NP. Heidi Bagwell
NP. Yvette Bova
NP. Christine Brandon
NP. Tammi Burdelski
NP. Lois Colon
NP. Denise Fischer
NP. Janet Kaufman
NP. Julia Korthage
NP. Michelle Morrison
NP. Kaylie Perry
NP. Brenda Smith
NP. Ellen Woodley
1. Jamie Troxel
2. Barbara Fletcher
3. Tera Guzman
4. Galina Serdtsev
5. Renee Opedisano
NP. Tome Ameko
NP. Deborah Barnes
NP. Glenda Bozett
NP. Rose Diaz
NP. Karen Geninatti
NP. Ann Marie Kam
NP. Donna Karr
NP. Jodi Miller
NP. Pam Shealy
NP. Christy Stephens
NP. Pamela Ty
NP. Beth Wachter

Lora Ottenad Is The 2006 Women's NPC National Champion

6D6E9927, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Combining feminity and an obviously well-built and defined set of muscles, Seattle's Lora Ottenad take the 2006 Women's NPC National Championship in Miami. Lora is 5'8 and 175 pounds, making her one of the heaviest women's bodybuilders. Her win ushers in a new era where muscularity is back, and after what seemed to be an assault on the very idea that women can and for contest purposes should have cut large muscles.

Congratulations to Lora!

Stats: 5-8, 190 pounds, BB, biceps: 16.5 ", calves 17", waist: 29", quads 27", chest 45"
best lifts at a body weight of 188 lbs:
- bench press 315 lb. x 5 reps
- squat 500 lb.
- leg press 1800 lb.
- curl 150 lb.
Location: Seattle

Video on the contestants in the championship, by Kate On Sports

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Craig Titus / Kelly Ryan - BODYBUILDERS CASE: Murder-for-hire plot alleged

If this is true, this is the lowest of low acts one can do to another person. I can't imagine what goes through the head of Craig Titus, and don't want to.

BODYBUILDERS CASE: Murder-for-hire plot alleged

Man suspected of trying to have Titus-Ryan witnesses killed


A man with ties to bodybuilder Craig Titus has been charged with trying to hire a hit man to kill three witnesses in Titus' high-profile murder case.

Titus and his wife, Kelly Ryan, are charged with murder in the December death of their personal assistant, Melissa James, 28.

According to police reports obtained Friday by the Review-Journal, Nelson Ronald Brady Jr. of Las Vegas was arrested this week on three counts of solicitation to commit murder. Detectives allege in the reports that Brady met with an undercover detective posing as a hit man in May, then paid $1,500 as a down payment to have the three potential witnesses in Titus' murder case killed.

Police reports identified two of the targets as Megan Pierson Foley and her husband, Jeremy Foley. The pair, who are considered crucial witnesses in the case, told a grand jury that Titus and Ryan had made incriminating statements about James' demise.

A third target of the plot, according to police reports, was Anthony Gross, who is charged with helping Titus and Ryan dispose of James' body.

Authorities said Friday night that they had not charged Titus or Ryan in the murder-for-hire plot.

Clark County prosecutor Robert Daskas declined to comment when asked whether anyone else would be charged. Daskas did confirm, however, that Brady and Titus were once housed together at the Clark County Detention Center and that police had recorded phone calls between the two men.

"Titus and Brady were housed together at the Clark County Detention Center, and we have confirmation that when Brady was released from jail, they stayed in telephone contact," Daskas said.

Titus' defense attorney, Marc Saggese, said Titus had nothing to do with any plan to kill witnesses in his case. Saggese described Brady as a drug-addicted loner who was acting on his own.

The attorney said he does not believe Titus will be charged.

"It's smoke and mirrors -- a game," Saggese said. "They know they could not substantiate this. There's not a shred of evidence to support the premise that Craig had anything to do with this."

Ryan's attorney, Greg Denue, said his client has had nothing to do with Brady. "Even if any of this is true, it doesn't show any involvement with my client," Denue said.

In December, James' body was found in Ryan's burning Jaguar off state Route 160.

Titus, 41, and Ryan, 34, are celebrities in the fitness world. Titus is a past place finisher in the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition and Ryan is one of the most accomplished female fitness athletes in the nation.

Authorities said the two killed James by beating her, using a Taser on her, drugging her with morphine and duct-taping her face at Titus and Ryan's southwest Las Vegas home. Police allege they then secured the help of Gross in taking James' body into the desert, where it was set ablaze.

Pierson Foley told a grand jury earlier this year that she and her husband were at Titus and Ryan's house in the hours before James' body was found, and that Titus and Ryan made incriminating statements about James' death. Pierson Foley said Ryan told her that during a confrontation with James, she took a Taser gun away from James and used it on her.

"It, I guess, stunned her in the back of her neck, but she (Ryan) didn't have it (the Taser) up high enough, so it just kind of got her attention," Pierson Foley told the grand jury.

"Kelly tried to do it again, and she, I guess she didn't have the voltage up high enough, so she yelled for Craig, and Craig came upstairs, picked Melissa up, brought her downstairs into the living room and supposedly body slammed her and started beating her up," Pierson Foley testified.

Ryan told Pierson Foley that after the beating, James "took a Xanax" and went to bed, Pierson Foley testified.

"While she was sleeping, Kelly went into her room and punched her in the face," Pierson Foley said.

"She (Ryan) said that she punched her a couple of times, she showed me the marks on her knuckles from it, and she said that ... Craig was holding her down and told Kelly to get the morphine and she shot a whole needle of morphine into her leg," Pierson Foley testified.

Later that evening, Titus demonstrated for Pierson Foley "how you can strangle somebody," and then he demonstrated a choke hold for Pierson Foley, according to her grand jury testimony. "He did it on me, and you instantly stop breathing," Pierson Foley said.

"Craig just walked in and started talking about it and, that's how, he started talking more about how he said that he killed Melissa," Pierson Foley said.

According to police reports, in March police developed an informant at the Clark County Detention Center named Deem Cassim. Cassim is jailed for the December 2004 robbery of 2004 World Series of Poker champion Greg "Fossilman" Raymer outside his Bellagio Hotel room.

Cassim told homicide detectives that he had been approached by Brady, a fellow inmate, "for the contract killing of Anthony Gross and the possible contract killing of two other witnesses in the case against Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan," police reports state.

"Cassim believed Brady and Titus were in contact with each other, had discussed details of Titus' case, and discussed what needed to be done with Gross," a police affidavit states. "Cassim said Brady gave him details about the use of a Taser only the police and Titus would know."

Cassim explained to Brady how the killings could be coordinated from inside the detention center, according to the reports. Cassim would contact a hit man on the outside, and when Brady was released, he would meet with a go-between and "provide them with an envelope containing the up front money, a picture of Gross, Gross' address, and the names of any bars or clubs Gross frequented."

When Brady was released from custody, several phone calls between Brady and Cassim were recorded by police. In one phone call, the men discussed financing the slayings and the need for the hit man to provide proof of the victims' killings by producing photos of their dead bodies.

Two separate meetings between Brady and the go-between, an undercover detective, were set up at an area Starbucks, police reports state. Brady failed to show up to both meetings.

According to police reports, Brady did show up at a third meeting with the undercover detective and produced two envelopes containing $500 each. In a meeting that was taped by police, Brady was heard discussing how one of the envelopes was for a "book publication."

When detectives later opened the envelopes, they found the money, a photo of Gross and personal information about Gross and the Foleys, according to the reports.

In a subsequent meeting with the undercover detective, Brady produced $500 more and wrote down an address where photos of the dead bodies could be sent, according to police.

According to police reports, Titus spoke with Brady twice by phone from the Clark County Detention Center during the investigation and the conversations were taped.

In one conversation, Titus and Brady talk about a "book publishing deal," according to the reports.

"Brady said that he had been on the Internet to see which characters are going to be in the book," according to a police affidavit. "Brady says he knows how to keep those characters from being in his book. Titus said, 'Yeah. No (expletive). Yeah, from the screen play, yeah."

The two men also discussed money briefly, and Titus mentioned a "publisher," according to authorities.

"Brady says yeah, but they want some money, and I've been trying to drum up money to get these people to give their stories, and that's what I need help with," according to a police affidavit. "Brady says he needs 'ten.' Brady tells Titus he is going to walk."

A second phone conversation between Titus and Brady was recorded on May 19, the day of the second meeting between Brady and the undercover detective, according to police.

"Brady tells Titus he is taken care of," a police affidavit stated. "Brady says he is talking about 'the book.' Brady tells Titus they will be making money on that book. He tells Titus that the book has been paid for. Titus changes the subject.

"Titus tells Brady the types of vehicles that targets 'number two' (Megan) and 'number three' Jeremy drive," the affidavit said. "Brady says 'That's not going to be an issue, those two, anyway.'"

Daskas said Friday night that police made sure the three targets of the plot were never in danger.

"We have zero tolerance for someone who's willing to manipulate the outcome of a prosecution by harming citizens who provide information to law enforcement," Daskas said. "Both Metro homicide detectives and our office have monitored this particular situation very closely for several months to ensure that these witnesses were never in harm's way."

Titus and Ryan are scheduled to go to trial in January.

Review-Journal writer David Kihara contributed to this report.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mary Lynne Mackenzie - Double Biceps Pose Video

Mary Lynne Mackenzie shows just plain hard and vascular muscle in this video. For any woman looking for an example of what their arms should look like, check this out:

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hans Klein's NPC Nationals Preview

Hans Klein over at GeneX Magazine has posted a preview of the upcoming NPC Nationals in Miami. Here's part of it:

2006 Nationals Preview
by Hans - posted October 28, 2006

It's going to be muscle and margaritas in Miami Beach on November 10-11. Here are some of the female bodybuilders to look out for at this year's Nationals.


With a lot of veterans who have won this class at national-level shows in the past, the lightweights are always hard to call.
Jamie Troxel at 3 weeks out

4-foot-11 Tera Guzman of Florida, who placed fourth last year, definitely has the structure to win her pro card. She has Robin Parker prepping her, so she should also be in great shape. "If she comes in in good condition she will be one to beat," says Carla Salotti, last year's lightweight winner.

Jamie Troxel has beeb competing at the national level for five years now. She was really impressive last year, when she placed second, and could also easily go one better this time. Already one of the biggest and thickest lightweights in the NPC, we hear she is going to bring an improved package this time.

....For the rest, click on the title link to this post.

Debbie Bramwell Poses; Shows Cut Upper Body

San Diego-based Debbie Bramwell is another popular fbb who when she's not in contest shape, still has one of the most cut upper bodies in the sport or women's bodybuilding as this video will show:

Colette Nelson Talks About Doing Pull-Ups - Video

I personally like this video because it's a great expression of the personality of Colette Nelson, and her energy and talkative nature. Plus, it shows her in a great outfit.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lisa Aukland, Female Bodybuilder, On Inside Edition - Video

Beautiful FBB Lisa Aukland recently appeared on Inside Edition and in a segment specifically on her and her bodybuilding regime. I think it's the first time a mainstream entertainment telecast has focused specifically on a female bodybuilder. I've got to give it to Inside Edition as they didn't make Lisa look weird or question what she was doing, and even showed her husband Tom.

Here's the video:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Annie Rivieccio Bicep Curls - Video

Annie Rivieccio is one of the most popular female bodybuilders in America and online. In this video below, she shows her terrifically developed biceps and body. You can learn more about Annie at her website.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Atlanta Falcons Tickets Exchange - Buy or Sell Falcons Tickets

Take a time out to get Atlanta Falcons tickets for each game. Just click here: "Atlanta Falcons"

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cindy Phillips In Top Shape

This is a photo of Canadian Female Bodybuilder Cindy Phillips during the Canadian Nationals and it reveals why many remark that her's was the "most transformed" body. The video shows the training that got her there.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kate On Sports: Kate On Women And Muscle

If you've not seen this popular episode, it's right here:

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Iris Kyle Wins The Ms. Olympia

6D6E7128, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Certainly deserving of her $30,000 prize, Iris Kyle (on the left, with Annie Rivieccio, Bonnie Priest, and Dayana Cadeau), arguably one of the best athletes in the world, took the 2006 Ms. Olympia in Las Vegas.

Here's the winners list:

Ms. Olympia
1) Iris Kyle
2) Dayana Cadeau
3) Annie Rivieccio
4) Bonnie Priest
5) Lisa Aukland
6) Betty Pariso

Fitness Olympia
1) Adela Garcia
2) Kim Klein
3) Jen Hendershott
4) Tanji Johnson
5) Tracey Greenwood
6) Julie Palmer

For another take on Iris Kyke, check out "Kate On Sports: Kate On Female Athletes" video below...

Candy Canary's Off To Thailand - Help Her Out!

Pastor -- yep -- Pastor Candy Canary's off to Thailand for mission work. She announced this on GeneX's Forum. Her message is below, and the link to her site is the title of this post.

Hello everyone-

I am writing you to ask for your monetary support. I am traveling to Asia for 30 days.

I will be partnering up with two separate missionary teams. One is ran by Joyce Moore, founder of the Abba House, www.abbahousefoundation.com , a non-profit organization catered to helping women and children who have been sold into the sex slave trade. With Joyce, I will be visiting women’s prisons, participating in some street evangelism, and traveling to areas that are saturated by the sex slave trade. I will be apart of a team who shares the love of Jesus Christ to the young children and women who are forced into this horrible world of prostitution. Many, if not all, have given up hope of escaping their imprisonment…for they know not of a place to escape too.

And the other missionary I will work with is Ron Morse. He is a missionary who is the founder of a ministry school in Thailand. He also has several schools in which he runs…all teaching the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. With Ron, I will be visiting several orphanages sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ. I will also be visiting his schools and offering suggestions as to how he can better them for the kids.

Our mission: to encourage those who need encouragement, be a friend to those who need a friend, hug to those who are lonely, and share the powerful, saving message of Jesus Christ to all!

Please help me in our journey…we need money to buy Bibles, tracks, booklets, and supplies.

Please use the Pay Pal link on my ministry website, Sowing Seeds for Christ, www.sowingseedsforChrist.org , a non-profit organization, to make your donation. All donations will go toward my Asia trip.

Any amount will help!!!! I need the donations NLT Oct 10. (I depart Oct 25.) Oh, and please pray for me…I am traveling alone!

Thank You, Pastor Candy Canary

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kristy Hawkins - Latest Body Condition

Kristy Hawkins -- looking like the Superwoman she is -- shows us her shape and amazing arms and legs in this photo. In her blog, she reports:

So I took progress pics this morning to send to Ed and Betty. I think I made major improvements the last 2 weeks and my weight is down to 155 lbs--definitely within striking distance of the LHW class. I also got the comment that I look like a really buff Jodi Foster which means even my head is shrinking!

I guess I'll have to watch the DVD of Spike Lee's "Inside Man" to check out Jodi. Maybe Kristy will be in the sequel?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Holly Nicholson At The 2006 NPC Las Vegas - Video

In this video we meet Holly Nicholson who's not only an unbelievable 46 years old, but a grandmother!

Check her out....

GeneX Cindy Phillips Shoot in Canada - Pt 2

IMG_8245, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

This is Cindy Phillips again, and showing an arresting double-biceps pose. The stance shows just how far her arms have come in just three months of training.

GeneX Cindy Phillips Shoot in Canada

recent Cindy Phillips shoot, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

GeneX took this first in a set of great photos of Cindy Phillips for the 2006 Canadian Nationals.

Jody Wald Posing Video - Combining Blonde Beauty and Muscle

Dressed in colors very much like those for the 2006 Canadian Nationals, Jody Wald poses in this cool video below.

Cindy Williams at The 2006 Canadian Nationals

6D6E8901, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

In what was an amazing transformative process played out in part in this blog, this is the final view of Cindy Williams at the 2006 Canadian Nationals contest. As you can see, Cindy's achieved an amazing level of defintion. She placed second here.

Jody Wald At The 2006 Canadian Nationals

6D6E9994, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

In this GeneX photo, Jody Wald shows her amazing and balanced muscle development as she poses in the 2006 Canadian Nationals.

Nicole Ball Wins 2006 Canadian Nationals

According to GeneX, our favorite FBB reporter on the scene, Nicole Ball won the 2006 Canadian Nationals.

Here's the list of winners:

Women's Bodybuilding

Overall: Nicole Ball*

1) Heather King
2) Shannon Holman
3) Barbara Stanard

1) Nicole Ball*
2) Cindy Phillips
3) Ellen Partnoy

1) Pam Howard
2) Lyris Capelle
3) Janeen Lankowski

* eligible for IFBB pro card

Junior Women

Champion: Krystan Bellows

Masters Bodybuilding
1) Ellen Partnoy
2) Francina Bezzubetz-Chopp
3) Mirna Cruz

Grand Masters Bodybuilding
1) Leigh Keess
2) Linda Franc-Vickers
3) Denise Conan

Friday, September 15, 2006

Atlantic City Pro Show Competitor List

I found this list of competitors for The Atlantic City Pro Show at the Unrealmuscle.com forum.

1. Irene Anderson
2. Angela Debatin
3. Denise Gerard
4. Aurelia Grozajova
5. Merete Hornnes
6. Mary Ellen Jerumbo
7. Cathy LeFrancois
8. Emery Miller
9. Gayle Moher
10. Vicki Nixon
11. Antoinette Norman
12. Betty Pariso
13. Debbie Patton
14. Carla Salotti
15. Helen Bouchard
16. Nathalie Abellan
17. Lisa Aukland
18. Mercedes Bazemore
19. Maria Calo
20. Marika Johansson
21. Klaudia Larson
22. Jana Linke-Sippl
23. Colette Nelson
24. Kim Perez
25. Nicole Pfutzenreuter
26. Tonia Villalobos

Monday, September 11, 2006

Introducing Sarah Pawlicki!!!

Sarah started her career last year, just 13 months after giving birth to her daughter Faith. Don't we all looked this good after popping out a little one!

More on Sarah, from Sarah and GeneX Online Magazine:

Hi, my name is Sarah Pawlicki. My goal was always to come back from pregnancy and prove that I could get my body back and I did! I won my first Figure competition, taking not only first, but overall as well!

This year I made the leap to Nationals competiing in the NY Team Universe and the USA's in Vegas. I did well for my first year compeating nationally! I know what I have to do for next year and am actively pursuing success in the spring of next year!

I also run an online training sight, buildyourownbody.com and have invented a new piece of equipment. The Spider ball is about to become the new face of fitness! The patent is pending and we can't wait to get it out to the world! Thanks for your attention.

Sarah Pawlicki

Best of luck to Sarah and her "Spider Ball"!!!

Kaylie Perry: The Petite Powerhouse

GeneX Online Magazine just posted a great new feature on the 5'1", 123 lb. Kaylie Perry.

The 33 yr-old middleweight made her national-level debut at the 2005 Nationals, nothing special, I know. Until you hear that just 16 weeks before the competition she weighed in at 173 lbs. Yup, a 50 lb. difference.

Here's the story.

By Hans - Photos By James Cook

Kaylie Perry was one of the most impressive new faces at the 2005 Nationals in Atlanta. At 5-foot-1 and 123 pounds, the 33 year-old from New Hampshire was one of the thickest-looking competitors in the middleweights. Making her national-level debut, she placed 8th in the middleweights and could have placed higher if she had been a little leaner in her lower body.

The way she looked onstage – and even the fact she made the middleweight class - was even more amazing to those that had seen her at the start of her 16-week contest prep, when she weighed 173 pounds.

Losing 50 pounds in 16 weeks, while holding on to her muscle, was a challenge for Kaylie to say the least.

“I was having crazy dreams about not making weight and being in the audience asking spectators for help and, being in the crowd when I should have been on stage,” she says. “I was listless, frustrated, you name it. I was feeling sick - and sick of the process. I prayed, ‘Just let me make it to Nationals.’”

But being up onstage at Nationals fulfilled a dream Kaylie had had ever since she was a kid, although she never really believed it would become a reality.

“It was exhilarating!” she says. “I never thought ever I would be competing at national level nor did I know what it involved to get there. To be among the top competitors in the sport was stunning. It wasn’t until I reviewed contest photos that I truly believed that I deserved to be there.”

Now that she has her first national-level show under her belt, she can’t wait to do another.

“Of course, top 5 would have been better, but I am very happy with the recognition and feedback I have received,” she says. “I had an awesome time. The next step is managing the off-season weight!”

Kaylie Perry, who is of French and Puerto Rican heritage, was born and raised in Laconia, N.H. In high school, she was “semi-athletic, with a muscular build” but says she was “average” at sports. However, even then she had a dream of what she could look like.

“I always had an appreciation for muscle on women,” she says. “I always thought I had the right genetics and a great body structure for bodybuilding, and I hoped that someday I could commit seriously to the sport and eventually compete.”

When Kaylie was 17, her older brother Aaron, who at the time was preparing for his first bodybuilding competition, introduced her to weight training. Kaylie began going with him to the gym and training her lower body using a Cory Everson routine she had seen in Muscle & Fitness. However, she was a chronic dieter most of her young adult life and always felt she was overweight.

“I was never happy with the way I looked and constantly struggled with low self-esteem,” she says.

For the next few years, Kaylie continued to train, but inconsistently. In 1998, Kaylie began training in a powerlifting gym, where she began to develop a base of muscle. But it was only in 2002, as she hit 30, that she finally decided to go for it.

She had moved to Florida and was living alone, away from family and friends, which she says gave her the solitude she needed to focus on her goal of developing a competitive physique.

“I needed to improve my image as well as self-esteem and overall take on a more positive outlook and attitude,” she says.

Soon after joining a gym in Florida, Kaylie met Amanda Dunbar, then an up-and-coming national-level bodybuilder and now a pro, who encouraged her to compete. That gave Kaylie the impetus she needed.

After a year, Kaylie moved back to New Hampshire a different, more focused person. She did her first show, the 2004 New Hampshire State, where she was the only female bodybuilder and automatically won. Later that year she went to New York to compete in the Tournament of Champions, and won the heavyweight and overall.

Next up was the Eastern USA, where she took first place and overall, qualifying her for Nationals. Kaylie says that show was the highlight of her career so far.

“It was there I experienced my first real victory,” she says. “The two shows prior to the Eastern, even though I won them they were so small I never considered them to be much of a challenge.”

At the Eastern, she also met Colette Nelson, who has since become a close friend and a key part of Kaylie’s prep team. It was Colette who helped Kaylie through her diet for Nationals, particularly when she hit a plateau.

“Colette stayed with me daily by phone to keep my head in the game,” Kaylie says.

Kaylie’s plan for 2006 is to compete at the NPC New England in May and re-qualify for Nationals in Miami. In the meantime she is working on developing her hamstrings and refining her quads while keeping her off-season weight under control.

“My maximum weight should be 155-160,” she says. “Dieting for my next show will not be nearly as tough if I keep it there.”

Colette Nelson, who will be working with Kaylie again this year, has no doubts about her potential. “She is going to be a top five middleweight finisher at this year’s Nationals,” she says.

For more on Kaylie, visit her website, KayliePerry.com.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cindy Phillips With Two Weeks Before The Canadian Nationals

On her blog, Cindy Phillips writes:

I find myself sad thinkin about this prep ending. As much as i'd like to eat and get back to being a little more normal, i can't help but be saddened to know that soon this journey will be over. You work sooo hard for so long and then bam all the sudden its over....the lean muscle u took so long to scalp out gets covered back up with carbs and food and your daily life no longer revolves around getting to that date. I'm sure alot of girls kina feel like that. I sense of loss, for somthing that was so much a part of your life for so long.

HAHAHA, but really i cant friggin wait to eat me some CHHESCAKE FOR REAL!!! That keeps me happy :).

2006 Europa Pro Show - Judge List Mostly Male

"fbbhubby" reports on 2006 Europa Pro Show judges on the GeneX message board:

I asked Gary Udit for the judges names also. He gave me these names, but didn't know exactly who was on the panel and didn't think the head judge (whoever it was) knew either. Not much help. Couldn't get e-mail addresses for most and the ones I e-mailed for feedback didn't reply. At the competitors meeting, it was stated that the e-mail addresses are on the website, but that isn't true.

Jim Rockell
Matt Crane
Linda Wood-Hoyt
Steve Weinberger
Debbie Albert
Ernest Bea
Quincy Roberts
Lee Thompson

Note that only two -- Linda Wood-Hoyt and Debbie Albert -- are women.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What Separates Bodybuilders, Fitness and Figure Competitors?

Really though, is it the diet? The training? The individual? Or a combination of all three? That was the awesome question posted in the GeneX Forums last week.

If you're not already a member, the boards are a great place to learn anything and everything about the ever-growing sport of Women's Bodybuilding.

Some of the answers that peaked my interest are as follows:

"Annie" a trainer of both bodybuilders and figure competitors said:

It depends on the woman as to how they will respond to weight lifting and given that response where THEY personally want to take it. I looked like a bodybuilder the minute I started lifting years ago; I am a mesomorph. I train a woman, Rachael McMillan who is very similar in body type to myself and she responds just as well. She is a bodybuilder. I also train a woman who trains WITH Rachael and I and she trains just as hard as us. She does not build large amounts of muscle easily. She is a figure competitor.

The figure competitor (Sonya Garner) does the same exact workouts as Rachael and I but of course with lighter weights; however she is still lifting as heavy as she can personally lift. I adjust her workouts just weeks before contests, less sets...but that's just for a few weeks. She busts her ass with cardio...very high intensity...no low heartrates here. Rachael and I do the same. Sonya diets harder than us because she holds stubborn fat on the upper hamstrings.

In my opinion, it depends on the body type of the individual. Just because someone is 'smaller' does not mean that they do not train as hard to achieve their desired look. If some of the ladies do not train as hard because they will get 'too big' then maybe they should have chosen bodybuilding, who knows? If those 'figures' are easy for some women to attain and they do not have to train as hard, God bless them! I'll leave it at that.

"Babydoc" said her training has changed dramatically since she switched from figure to fitness:

For fitness, my workouts are specifically designed to help me with my routine; I need endurance and power to do quick, explosive movements as well as a very strong core to execute the strength moves/presses. In addition, I have on average 4-5 hours/week of gymnastics and routine practice per week.

With fitness, I also have to keep a very tight rein on my weight during the offseason--as I have to continue to tumble and work on new routine skills/elements. As you might imagine, it is very difficult to flip around and to hold your body weight up on your hands if you are carrying a lot of extra weight!

A competition diet for fitness requires more carbs and fats than a figure or bodybuilding diet since we need energy to perform a two minute routine. The weight loss must be very gradual in fitness since the routine practices get more intense as the weeks go by.

In fitness, our physiques are permitted to be a bit more muscular and harder than the figure girls. This is a result of the fitness routine training. It's darn near impossible to do a strong fitness routine and maintain the level of "softness" that the NPC/IFBB likes to see in figure.

Other folks said that the main differences for them, since switching, was diet. Most seemed to agree that other than a change in caloric-intake, they still lifted as much as they could year-round.

For more on the conversation visit the general discussion board of GeneX Magazine.

GeneX at work:

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sarah Dunlap At The Europa Pro Show

Sarah Dunlap, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Generally known for size and definition, Sarah Dunlap presented an entirely different look for the Europa Pro Show. Here's she's certainly the thinest that I've ever seen her. If you look at her and Collete Nelson, to name two, it seems that some of the women most known for size and defintion were deliberately aiming for a look much more in the area of "figure" than "bodybuilding" -- a sign of things to come??

Kim Perez At The Europa Pro Show

Kim Perez, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Here's totally ripped Kim Perez, who also was the focus of the controversy at the Europa Pro Show as some congradulated her on her overall muscularity and definition, yet she did not win, place, or show.

Heather Foster Wins 2006 Europa Pro Show

6D6E4736, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

In a night of controversy, Heather Foster -- middle -- won the Europa Pro Show in Arlington, Texas. To the right is Colette Nelson and to the left is Dena Westerfield.

Even though the judging may have been questionable, a good look at the winners does reveal a consistent muscular style. Even though I think only women should judge the contest, the men were not as uneven as some claim in my view.

Virgin Mobile Ringtone Commercial Shoot

For all of those who think women's bodybuilding can't draw corporate sponsors...

from left to right: Lena Squarciafico-Sanchez, Colette Nelson, Elena Seiple, "emcee" Scott, Heather Foster and Lisa Aukland on the set of the Virgin Mobile ringtone commercial shoot. Photo: Tom Dellinger

Colette Nelson Did Her Homework - Controversy At The 2006 Europa Pro Show; Time For Women Judges

Colette Nelson, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

It's all over the message boards from GeneX to Unrealmuscle. Observers are bashing the decisions of the judges at the Europa Pro Show.

The basic overall criticism is that the winning women, starting with Heather Foster, all lacked well-defined legs. As one poster put it:

"Originally Posted by Ally Taay

That said, if the lady bodybuilders had known that Heather Foster's thick midsection and smooth quads were going to take #1, perhaps none of them needed to diet at all. WHAT were the judges looking for? Collette has personality and beauty, but this is a BODYBUILDING contest - - not a beauty pageant.

All three of the winners lacked LEGS! I guess a top hat and cane or a slinky blue dress can overcome the lack of calves and quads (future competitors, take note!)"

And it goes from there.

The one voice no one's heard from is that of the judges themselves. As for me, I didn't attend the event, and totally object to the domination of the male in the judging ranks. Indeed, it may be time to have all women judges for female bodybuilding. More and more, we're seeing a group of men as judges that seem to be threatened by a really well-defined and muscular woman. It's almost as if there's a kind of culture war underway.

As for Colelte, I think she may have known what the judges were looking for, as her legs -- especially her thighs -- have been bigger in the past. Perhaps she did her homework, but still only got third place.

I'm going to congradulate Heather Foster on her victory. She's certainly and arguably balanced in her build, but Tazzie's a hard one to pass up in my view.

I think so.

2006 Europa Pro Show - Heather Foster Wins! - GeneX Coverage

Women's Pro Bodybuilding

1) Heather Foster*
2) Dena Westerfield*
3) Colette Nelson*

Pro Fitness
1) Tanji Johnson*
2) Mindi O'Brien*
3) Julie Palmer*

Women's Pro Bodybuilding

Overall: Stephanie Kessler*

1) Tracie "TNT" Tucker
2) Cynthia Anderson
3) Patty Sasserman
4) Genivive Esquivel Fifo
5) Karen Genninati
6) Dallas Johnson

1) Malea Jensen
2) Linda Billings
3) Cassandra Floyd
4) Ruth Hyatt
5) Janelle Briggs
6) Joy Henderson
7) Carrie Ann Simmons
8) Leslie Crook

1) Stephanie Kessler*
2) Theresa Hendricks
3) Jennifer Abrams
4) Oliva Garner
5) Leeanne Scalfo
6) Janelle Gallo
7) Paula Falk


Overall: Hollie Stewart*

Short Class:
1) Hollie Stewart*
2) Christy Green*
3) Nicole Duncan
4) Breean Robinson
5) Rose Hendricks
6) Tonya Burkhardt
7) Nita Marquez
8) Margaret Blanchard
9) Jessica Rohm
10) Jessica Nabinger
11) Sherlyn Roy
12) Monica Heiz
13) Michelle Theison

Medium Class:
1) Karen Patten*
2) Susan Groshek*
3) Amy Nelson
4) Angie English
5) Regan York
6) Sara Flom
7) Colleen Baldwin
8) Viko Newman
9) Safiya Johnson
10) Amy Johnston
11) Lori Smith

Tall Class:
1) Laticia Jackson*
2) Leslie Rae Newton*
3) Michelle Mayberry
4) Sandi Stuart
5) Liza Hughes
6) Sheri Vucick
7) Kristin Marie Acherson
8) Alissa Carpio
9) Lena Sanchez
10) Dawn Parker
8) Evette Wigfall

* eligible for IFBB pro card

Pro Figure
1) Amanda Savell*
2) Michellle Adams*
3) DJ Wallis*


Overall: Sonia Adcock*

Class A (5'2" and under)
1) Sonia Adcock*
2) Shelby Right*
3) Melissa Froio
4) Kristin Gomes
5) Jennifer DeJoya
6) Tivisay Briceno
7) Sherlyn Roy
8) Selena Zinno-Radzai
9) Jennifer Gates
10) Jessica Nabinger
11) Tiffany Procopio
12) Jodi Miller
13) Carmen Chavez
14) Jean Jitomir
15) Heather Whitworth-King
tied for 16th:
Toni L. Hatcher
Tonya Burkhardt
Kelli A. Correa
Angela Komis
Mary Acoury
Karen M. Bock
Fredericia J. Brant
Audrey Burk
Christine Camacho
Jill Knight
Cindy F. Martinez
Yves Nunez
Kathryn Payton
Julie Schoft
Lori Steele
Misty M. Tidmore
Vicki Counts
Jillian Wolf

Class B
1) Kristi Tauti*
2) Tessa Wood*
3) Andrea Ferry
4) Allison Jones
5) Melody Clere
6) Karen Mullarkey
7) Gale Elie
8) Denise Rose
9) Stacy Cannady
10) Stacy Adams
11) Katrina Robinson
12) Sarah Hoy
13) Halcyon Duarte
14) Elissa Schlichter
15) Viko Newman
tied for 16th:
Michelle Woodward
Eydie Anderson
Amber Black
Danielle Colgan
Edith Driver
Michele Pome

Class C
1) Corry Matthews*
2) Amber Steinmetz*
3) Michele Naylon
4) Becky Clawson
5) Angie Picarello
6) Ginger Redeker
7) Lynn Widdowson
8) Grace Rivera
9) Gina Ostarly
10) Amy Nelson
11) Jennifer Cowan
12) Heather Green
13) Jana Stewart
14) Teresa Ruybal
15) Christine Ritchie
tied for 16th:
Tanya Pennington
Debra Dunn
Sheron Falcon
Dr. Angel Allison
Heidi Hanson
Sarah Pawlicki
Toya Smith
Camille Westhoff

Class D
1) Nina DeTommaso*
2) Jelena Abbou*
3) Tracy Guarino
4) Christine Ranking
5) Kristy Stone
6) Yashanda Stafford
7) Danielle Kifer
8) Kiersten Weber
9) Dawn Parker
10) Abby Eyre
11) Natalie Verges
12) Michelle Bishop
13) Carol Ruiz
14) Kimmy Addiego
15) Amy Burkins
tied for 16th:
Karen Sherman
Heather Miller
Danielle Carrington

Class E
1) Elisha Archibald*
2) Stephanie Collins*
3) Stacey Boles
4) Paola Almerico
5) Nola Trimble
6) Stacy Clary
7) Catherine O'Guin
8) Jennifer Schumm
9) Shari Yates
10) Suzanne Barlas
11) Ginger Hutchinson
12) Vicky Ann Crouse
13) Dorothy Trojanowicz
14) Rebecca Ibbs
15) Kimberly Schaefer
tied for 16th:
Joan Totaro
Guiliana Casalan
Ginger D. Hutchinson
Aimee Palinkas
Dena Anne Weiner

Class F
1) Cheri Lewis*
2) Amy Fry*
3) Simona Douglas
4) Misty Green
5) Alicia Marie
6) Avis Ware
7) Melissa Montanaro
8) Christine Holland Morrow
9) Michelle Troll
10) Stephanie McDonald
11) Caity Hunt
12) Jessica Wright
13) Teresa Anthony
14) Traci Redding
15) Shawni DeSalvo
tied for 16th:
Danielle Rouleau
Jessica Steffens
Jamie Justin
Amy Bates
Felicia Bruno
Tatianna Butler
Tycie N. Coppett
Maria Corsaro
Heather Foster
Martha Lepe
Tamee Marie
Violet Mundy
Amy Odle
Francesca Okoye
Elise Prucha
Sonia Razo
Jamie Reed

* eligible for IFBB pro card

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Europa Pro Show Competitor List

Here's the competitor list for the Europa Pro Show For more information click this link to the GeneX Forum.

Women's Bodybuilding:

Abellan, Nathalie
Buck, Kim
Calo, Maria
Colomb, Tazzie
Davis, Gina
Debatin, Angela
Dunlap, Sarah
Foster, Heather
Gerard, Denise
Grozajova, Aurelia
Jerumbo, Mary Ellen
Johansson, Marika
Larson, Klaudia
Lehtonen, Maria-Leena
Linke-Sippl, Jana
Manios Maryse
Miller, Emery
Moher, Gayle
Nelson, Colette
Nixon, Vicki
Norman, Antoinette
Paparone, Jeannie
Parker, Robin
Perez, Kimberly
Westerfield, Dena

But one of the Europeans told me she has the flu and won't be coming :-(


Cassety, Jennifer
Elias, Kendra
Gainey, Bethany
Haddad, Amy
Huber, Amy
Johnson, Tanji
Jones, Donna Louise
Kimes, Lorie
Lohre, Julie
Monteleone- Semsch, Angela
Murray, Bridgette
Newell, Bridgette
O'Brien, Mindi
Palmer, Julie
Prado, Jane
Simons, Stacy
Szep, Katie
Walcott-Williams, Karen
Warren, Trish
Weaver-Ward, Sandie
Wickham, Sandra


Adams, Michelle
Becerra, Jennifer
Benson, Natalie
Brown, Natasha
Cabrices-Werner, Thais
Davidson, Erica
Galvan, Bernadette
Guenther, Jennette
Jimenez-Salazar, Ines
Larsson, Anna
Malacarne, Juliana
Manta, Arina
Mertl, Petra
Morris, Leslie
Morton, Lisa
Munroe, June
Nicewarner, Kirsten
Nordin, Pauline
Peters, Amy
Savell, Amanda
Shelby, Kate
Wallis, Julie (D.J.)
Tozzi, Mavis
Wan, Christine
Wilder, Latisha

Kate On Sports: September 5th 2006

Be sure to tune in!

"Kate On Sports" - Kate Troescher's New Video Blog Show!

Your host Kate Troescher and me, Zennie Abraham, have created a new video blog show called "Kate On Sports" at www.kateonsports.com The first show's September 5th 2006.

Here's the promo for the show, which was made using Blip.tv

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Brenda Smith's Colorful Website!

If you have a chance, visit Brenda Smith's cool website and tell me if you don't hear the Go-Go's singing in the background!

It's at http://www.brenda-smith.com

Mimi Jabalee On HardBody Radio

Amanda Dunbar reports that her partner Mimi Jabalee will be on HardBody Radio this week.

Tune in!

Cindy Phillips With Just 27 Days Before The Canadian Nationals

This pict is from Cindy Phillps blog and features her back development with 27 days to go before the Canandian Nationals. She has certainly dropped body fat as she's worked on her defitnition.

Always a hit with the Internet community, Cindy will be a hit on stage at the Canadian Nationals.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Rachel Sears - Female Triathete Joins SBS Blog Network!

SBS Personality Rachel Sears joins our blog network! Check out her crazy, irreverant look at athletics and life at "Hypercat Scratching Post"

Visit the new Zennie62.com

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