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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cindy Phillips Sets Personal Best 205 Lbs Bench Press Five Times

Cindy Phillips reports from her blog:

"Yesterday I did a personal best on Bench press. I did 205lbs for about 5 reps, 3 all on my own and 2 with a some help from my spotter. I Usually work out by myself and so when i rarely have a spotter ill trust with me, those are the only days i go for the big #'s, most of the time stick to weight i can do pretty easily by myself. I was prety happy with that lift. I'm not a consistent bench press kinda person cauz i usually found it to be so hard. My chest is soooo sore, its brutal."

To put her feat in perspective, New Orleans Saints Running Back Reggie Bush was recorded as bench-pressing 225 lbs 32 times; the best of any running back at the NFL Combine last March. This is also a mark set by many top level NFL players. But it's not something they do each day. Cindy's bench press would place her at least at the bottom part of their class because she does work out to do this level of lifting.

All that, and beauty too!

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