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Women's Bodybuilding Megan Avalon

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

VMI Cheerleader Fight; Headlock Defines 21st Century Woman

This photo of VMI Cheerleader and the YouTube video of her in the middle of a fight during the VMI-Citadel game, has captured the imagination of America and defined the 21st Century woman.

It's a great example of what an episode of "Kate On Sports" called "Women And Muscle" was trying to explain, that society has made room for women to have muscle, but it's also given a space for women to use that muscle. This is a great example of that observation.

A search for "VMI Cheerleader" reveals over 24,000 results for a search on Google. Why is this event so fascinating to America, if not the industrialized world? Judging by some of the blog comments, it seems to be a mesh between two very primal scenes: one sexual: a blonde cheerleader, and the other physical: her placing a cadet in a headlock.

The other related attraction is that this "little blonde girl" or "Buffy The Cadet Slayer" who's been "going to the gym" as some have described her, actually took on one of the basic symbols of masculinity and male power, the military man.

She not only took him on, she threw him down as the video below will show. But in tossing him aside and to the turf, she may -- in one fell swoop -- may have slam-dunked hundreds of years of "weak-woman" stereotypes. I should add that if you look at the video, the cadet actually was thrown with such force, he turned over in a body-roll on the ground once before stopping.

If you think about it, she also may have caused many young women -- especially in college -- to reconsider working out and getting strong as an "ok" thing to do, and thus push American society to a continuation of this redefinition of what it is I'll bet some ad genius out there uses this video as the basis for a campaign of some kind. Just wait.

Meanwhile, just watch...

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Steph Park is another popular female bodybuilder who's from New Zealand. She just married her trainer and graduated from Teacher's College. Here's more from her website..

I started Bodybuilding in 1998 when I was approached by my trainer Jason Orr about becoming a serious competitor. I have always been involved in athletics mainly soccer but I've left that behind to focus on building a more muscular physique. I have fortunately been able to gain muscle quickly and I intend to push my potential to the maximum, without the use of drugs.

My first taste of competition came in 1999, starting off in a Figure contest and placing third. Also in 1999, I entered a Level 1 Bodybuilding show and won third place again. I decided to take a year off from competing to improve some areas before entering another Level 1 show in 2001. It proved to be beneficial because I won that show. I look forward to entering more competitions in the near future, it is such an amazing experience. It's hard work but very gratifying.

In 2005 I graduated from Teacher's College in Dunedin, New Zealand. I 'm now back in Canada and I am busy with steady supply work from J/K up to grade 6. I look forward to obtaining a full teaching position soon.

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